Whatever it takes – an Avengers: Endgame non-spoiler review by guest contributor Darryl King

Growing up a comic fan, my brother and I would collect and read as many comics we could get our hands on. My brother was the DC Comics fan while I fell in love with heroes of Marvel, and we would spend hours discussing the merits of these worlds. I truly wish my brother Martin, who was an artist for DC Comics, was still alive – knowing that he would be amazed by how far we have come with comic book movies in general and in particular the accomplishments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

After 10 years, with many characters and wonderful storylines packed within 21 films and stitched together with serialized precision, the Marvel Universe created a fan base who has become relegated to ‘addictive status’ for this epic movie arc known as the Infinity Saga. Avengers: Endgame is as much of a crowning achievement of the previous films as it is a gateway into a brand-new universe awaiting new stories to tell.

“Avengers: Endgame,” as a stand-alone film, is a work of art. If you are someone who has limited exposure to the Marvel movies, you can enjoy the genuine spectacle of it, but you would miss out on a plethora of easter eggs and call backs that are related to many of the other storylines. This is the first Marvel movie that isn’t focused upon trying to set up others. The sole purpose is as a love letter to the movies, characters, actors, actresses and fans who have joyfully gone along on this Marvel journey.

There is no post credit scene for “Avengers: Endgame” which actually is a good thing because another scene would detract from the powerful ending. Every Marvel fan should be able to experience this film on their own accord with no spoilers but what I can share, as someone who spent many days reading Marvel comics and being a fan of the Thanos character, is this film was incredible and completely satisfying – with my goosebumps providing many standing ovations. The film is very much 3 hours and it had to be to allow for fluid and dense storytelling leading into its epic and climatic ending, in which many of the characters get their shining moment.

The true stars of the film were the Russo Brothers. Their ability to craft a story that works on so many levels by paying tribute to all the previous films while allowing us the beauty of experiencing them with fresh context, under the guise of a different lens, deserves a bravo!

What truly makes the MCU special are not the storylines per se – because many fans who have seen the films and trailers can probably figure out the major themes – but it’s the execution of storylines by both Marvel’s directors and screenwriters that ultimately has us fans at the theaters wanting more.

Overall, we haven’t witnessed the spectacle of “Avengers: Endgame” probably since Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope hit theaters in the 70’s. While this Avengers movie will break many records, the true test will be its cultural impact and historical relevance as it finalizes one of the greatest runs in film industry.

So put the needle on the record, cue up Charlie Wilson and the rest of the Gap Band because, on the MMTrometer, Avengers: Endgame deserves 5 out of 5 beats! Everybody sing, “Outstanding… so outstanding… Excited… makes me wanna shout!” Makes me wanna shout, “Whatever It Takes.”

Darryl King is a video director, film writer and avid Marvel/DC comic book/movie lover. Checkout his Love Letter to Marvel right here on musicmoviesthoughts.com.


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