A Love Letter to Marvel by guest contributor Darryl King

Happy Monday MMT Fam! We are officially four days away from the nationwide opening of AVENGERS: ENDGAME and our good friend, and resident all-things comic expert, Darryl King has put together a fitting walk down Marvel memory lane video of his favorite Marvel moments. So, go get yourself a snack, sit back and enjoy this fitting flashback short film before you get into the new one this weekend!

PS – Darryl said he’ll give us his thoughts on the new film… but how long it takes will depend on what characters survive and how long he is in mourning! LOL 🙂

Love Letter to Marvel

After more than 10 years and over 22 movies, the MCU has become the gold standard in film franchises. We all have our favorite characters, movies and scenes. This is my love letter to Marvel, highlighting some of the special moments of the MCU. – Darryl King, Euphoria Media


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