Tyler Perry as Alex Cross?

Now let me preface this by first stating, I do like Tyler Perry.  I wasn’t a fan of his plays prior to Diary of a Mad Black Woman the movie, and didn’t know anything about his shows beforehand, but that movie singlehandedly made me a believer in his ministry.  Yes, I said ministry.  I believe Tyler has a calling to tell stories that spread messages of love, healing and forgiveness to the audience he was called to serve.   Whether you’re a fan of his or not, there is an audience that understands and appreciates his work.   Although I confess this to be true, there are some movies of his I just did not like (mainly Why Did I Get Married Too and Madea’s Big Happy Family).

Okay, now that you know where I stand in the infamous Tyler Perry debate let me express this: I am not sure if Tyler is the best fit to play the beloved James Patterson character Detective Alex Cross! I mean, I was already shaken stirred and ready to be poured when they made the first two movies (Kiss the Girls and Along Came a Spider) with Morgan Freeman.  If you know anything about the series, Alex Cross is supposed to be this cross between a young Mohammed Ali, a handsome physically fit type, and a clever intellectual.  I’m not saying Tyler isn’t handsome, but really a young version of Mohammed I don’t see.  At least they are casting someone who is in the age range of the Cross character, unlike Mr. Freeman.  But I am not sure I will believe Tyler as the clever, clinically trained, forensic detective who is easy on the eyes all while taking care of his elderly “Nana Mama” and two young children. And it doesn’t help that the Idris Elba driven Alex Cross vehicle got the can, but not before getting me all excited about his take on the character.   Guess I’ll have to wait until Fall of 2012 or Spring 2013, the projected release for the Rob Cohen directed Perry version, to be the judge.  For my fellow fans of the Cross series, what are your thoughts?  Does Tyler have the acting chops to pull it off?  What was your favorite novel of the series?  Until next thought, Thomasena

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  1. Hello Ms. Farrar! Welcome to the Blog world, your perspective and comments are refreshing and inspiring. Clearly you are a Tyler Fan and Supporter so your opinion is valued as the best fans are honest fans. When you truly enjoy the work of someone typically you want to see them perform in areas that highlight their best qualities. Wishing both you and Tyler the best in all you do. Looking forward to the next Blog Talk!

    Signed, Nakia AKA Michelle Snow


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