Welcome Fellow Music Movie Lovers!

Hello Everybody!  The “blogosphere” is  literally a new world for me  so this is exciting, but also just a tad bit scary for a person like me who isn’t as tech savvy.  That being said, let me take time to explain a little about my blog.  Are you the person that friends and/or family members come to for movie recommendations, to ask your opinion of that performance on that award show, or to ask if you’ve heard the latest (fill in the blank) song?  Since I can remember that has been me, and I thoroughly enjoy wearing that badge of honor. So, I decided to start a blog where I can share my thoughts, and hopefully meet and discuss topics with other music and movie lovers. I’ll be posting my movie picks and music choices, some current and a few oldie but goodie treasures that may have been slept on, and I’ll look to get feedback from you.  Okay, that’s the short version of my blog so take a look around and be on the lookout for the next post!

Visiting African American film exhibit at Wolfsonian


  1. Yaaahhh and Yippy!!!! My personal on-line entertainment consultant/critic/advisor! Wooohooo!!! WELCOME THOMASENA!!!!!

    OK, well, let me begin by asking just a few questions…

    1) Are the Blue People in AVATAR really Black people and should I be mad that the other people came and tried to steal their land just like in the history of the Africans?
    2) Is Zoe the new Angelina Jolie?
    3) What do you think the writer is going to do with the new Planet of the Apes?
    4) Is Beyonce just a sex symbol or an artist?
    5) Can you write a movie starring Me, Idris, Morris, Will Smith, Kevin Hart, Queen Latifah, and Meryl Streep…Yes I said Meryl!

    LOL! I appreciate the work you do, keep up the good work!


  2. Queen Nakia 🙂 Only you’re crazy enough to ask me these questions, but you know I’m crazy enough to reply!
    1) I’m not going to claim the Blue folk from Avatar, but remember they did whoop tail at end of flick!
    2) Zoe needs about two more action flicks (can’t include Avatar she was 10 foot tall and painted blue)
    3) Haven’t seen new Planet of Apes movie, so not sure how writer will proceed. Hear it was pretty decent, so hopefully they won’t overkill with umpteen sequels
    4) B is a Sexertainer (yeah I made it up, soon to be included in Oxford English Dictionary. Hey don’t laugh they accepted “Bootylicious”)
    5)Sure I can write it. Can you get the producers and studio lined up?
    Thanks for the feedback Lady 🙂


  3. Pianoluna! Great question, no we are talking about the female actress. I’m sure Thomasena can provide more insight and feedback about her as she our expert. Thanks for stopping by!


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