Production begins for BET Original Movie “Gun Hill” starring Larenz Tate

Yes BET, it’s about time!  In case you haven’t heard, production has begun for Gun Hill, a BET original film starring none other than the “Brother to the Night,” Love Jones hottie himself, Larenz Tate.  Set and filmed in New York City, the movie is about twin brothers (one good, a cop and one bad, a con of course) whose lives take a tragic turn one fateful night with the con assuming his brother’s identity.  It will also star Aisha Hinds, who you may remember as the black female district attorney from Madea Goes to Jail), and Tawny Cypress.  Word is that this may develop into an original series for the network, and I hope that happens.  But I am just happy to finally see an original drama program on the BET network, and even more ecstatic that Larenz Tate has been cast in the lead role.   I’m praying this is just the beginning, and that BET finally becomes more than reality tv and videos by providing more deserving actors an opportunity to be cast in original programming.  And since their acquiring of the sitcom The Game has proved successful, here are just a few suggestions for shows that could be next:

  1. Sleeper Cell (former Showtime series starring Michael Ealy and Oded Fehr yanked after two seasons)
  2. Girlfriends (we need a reunion movie/finale for this series at the least!)
  3. I need to put this in caps SOUL FOOD: THE SERIES!  By the time the brainiacs (not) at Showtime cancelled this show, it had become the longest running drama with a pre-dominant African-American cast in North American primetime history (2000 to 2004).  Sorry just had to vent, and yes I’m still bitter 7 years later 🙂

Anyway, kudos to BET for taking this first step.  What are your thoughts?

Til next thought, Thomasena

What are your thoughts?

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