Remembering a Gospel Great: Lecresia Campbell


I was extremely saddened earlier this week to learn of the passing of acclaimed gospel vocalist/actress Lecresia Campbell.  A powerhouse singer and worship leader, with a beautiful spirit to match, the Chicago native succumbed last Thursday to a pulmonary embolism.

Campbell was known for several gospel hits, including her feature on “Perfect Praise (How Excellent)” with Walt Whitman & The Soul Children of Chicago , and her 2008 hit “Even Me.”  A previous background vocalist for the legendary Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Campbell also shared the stage as a solo artist with many singers – including Donnie McClurkin, Mary Mary, the late Gerald Levert, and Stephanie Mills.

I consider myself fortunate to have met Ms. Campbell, back when she was on tour for the David E. Talbert stage play, His Woman, His Wife. I’d attended the production in Philly, and was blown away by her showstopping performance of the song “Rediscover Yourself.” I’m telling you she ushered in the Spirit, not only in the Merriam Theater where the play was being held but all of Center City!

After later discovering we had a mutual friend, I travelled to New York city to see the show a second time and was introduced. Ms. Campbell graciously welcomed me, as I babbled on about how uplifting the performance was. I can’t remember if I expressed it – articulately that is – but she really motivated me to pursue my passion at a time when encouragement was few and far between. To have called her ministry a God send is an understatement. Just take a listen for yourself…

I wish to extend my condolences to Ms. Campbell’s family and friends. Rest well Ms. Campbell.

Respectfully, Thomasena



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