Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday season from MusicMoviesThoughts

Greetings MMT Family! I’m taking a quick break from my holiday vacay to say have a very safe and Merry Christmas to all who celebrate and Happy Holidays to those who don’t. Many of you who’ve followed this site a while know that this is my favorite season and may have seen the list shared years back with a few of my favorite Christmas movies/songs.  

Please note that the Bond and Matrix giveaway winners have been selected and notified, so check those emails. A bit of housekeeping regarding contest entries: make sure you are entering the contest with the email used to subscribe (for confirmation purposes) and that you are actually signed up to the site. Entrant emails are always confirmed for current status, and so is the length of subscription if requested. You don’t need to be exact with length, but do not advise years of following if it is in fact a matter of days, for example.

And fyi, there are several new films releasing in theaters next week – if you are comfortable heading out – including SING 2 (I enjoyed first more but once again the vocals/songs are great), The Matrix Resurrections (I’m hearing positive things, but won’t see it for myself until the 22nd), and The Tragedy of MacBeth with magnificent lead actors Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand (this one is queued up for my screening pleasure right at this moment!).

That’s it for now. Talk to you after the 26th MMT Family!  Until next thought, Thomasena

PS: I still love this video!


  1. Thank you 4 the line up I want to say that I have been a subscriber 4 about 9 years seen you at many screenings and actually converse with you at the theater at 4th in market and at r2l I look forward to seeing you again soon and thank you for the xmas line up I will make these my go to movies 4 the next 2 weeks stay safe and enjoy your vacation and happy holidays keep doing what you do.

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