MMT Talk with FENCES stars Russell Hornsby and Jovan Adepo

Russell Hornsby and Jovan Adepo

During the Philadelphia stop of the FENCES press tour, Thomasena sat down with cast members Russell Hornsby, who reprises his role of Lyons from the 2010 Broadway revival, and Jovan Adepo who plays Maxson’s (Denzel Washington) youngest son Corey in the film.

The big-screen adaptation of the August Wilson Pulitzer Prize-winning play, which centers on a black garbage collector named Troy Maxson in 1950s Pittsburgh, was both directed by and stars Washington. Resentful that baseball’s color barrier was broken after his own heyday in the Negro League and bitter with the circumstances of life, Maxson allows his frustrations and poor choices to negatively impact his relationships with those closest to him.

Both Washington and his co-star Viola Davis won Tony awards for their performances in the 2010 revival. Stephen Henderson and Mykelti Williamson also co-star and reprise their stage roles (Bono and Gabriel respectively).

You can click here to get to YouTube (newsletter subscribers) or watch the below video.

FENCES opens in theaters nationwide on Christmas Day.


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