MMT Quick Look: Power season 3 episode one CALL ME JAMES


Happy Sunday MMT Fam! Today is the day that all of us POWER fans have been waiting for – the première of the new season! We had to wait an extra month (what happened to those June premieres?) for this third season, and it’s also on a new night – Sunday versus its original Saturday slot.

Now for those who aren’t hip to the show, and have no clue why the rest of us are so addicted, all I can say is tune in to Starz tonight – but if you don’t happen to have that channel, for $8.99 a month you can stream the Starz app online or any streaming service/device instantaneously. And if you’re in the latter category, I recommend you catching up on the first two seasons before you jump into three – this show packs so much into an hour, and it’s soooo good, you need to be on point with all the players before you digest this third season.

With that being said, episode one picks up where episode ten of season two left off (slight spoilers for newbies): James (Omari Hardwick)with bruised face still from THAT last fight, wants to start over with a clean slate and dismiss any remnants of “Ghost” from his life, Tommy (Joseph Sikora) is caught between a rock and hard place with Lobos’s (Enrique Murciano) order to kill James while trying to rebuild the syndicate for distribution, Angela (Lela Loren) is trying to believe that James is reformed and out the game but trust is long broken, and Tasha (Naturi Naughton) is trying to mourn the loss her marriage, Shawn and believe that Ghost/James had nothing to do with his death.

New players are introduced – and um, a new Korean group in the syndicate looks like Trouble (capital T for real) – and role reversals are highlighted – can’t wait to see what happens to the Andre (Rotimi) character, who is now Jamie’s right hand man at Truth. And pay attention to the opening scene and tell me it doesn’t remind you of Season 1, episode 1 – just with Angela, not Tasha!

I screened the first episode with a theater full of true “Power” fans, who were so hyped that thunderous applause was given before the show started, and most definitely when it ended. “Call Me James” doesn’t disappoint, and nicely sets up what is sure to be a high energy season where the stakes are raised much higher than the previous two.

I want to say so much more, but you know I don’t do spoilers so check back and let’s chat in the comments after you’ve watched the show! Season three of POWER premieres tonight on the Starz channel at 9pm – but it’s available now on Starz on demand and on the app!

Until next thought family! Thomasena



  1. Thomasena I like that you send updates on TV shows, movies and books that I am interested in but can’t always remember to keep up with. For example Power, The Nat Turner movie and new Zane book. Thanks for sharing!!!

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