Greetings MMT Fam! I did not compose a #ThingsToDoFromHome recommendation list this week due to the Thanksgiving holiday. I will, however, put some event posts up on the MMT Facebook page for your convenience if you’re looking for things from home through the weekend.

And for anyone looking for A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, and you’re not subscribed to Apple TV+, you can watch it on the app for free November 25 – 27 on your choice of screen, including browser, iPhone, Amazon Fire, and Roku. Get additional info here.

I pray that everyone reading this message is safe and well. Despite this year’s circumstances, there is always something to be grateful. Hold on to hope, love your family and friends, show kindness to a stranger, and if you’re able bless someone this holiday season that’s going through (it can be as simple as reaching out and offering to chat a few minutes on the phone).

As long as God allows, and whatever your faith may be, we are each other’s keepers. #StrongerTogether

Be encouraged and Happy Thanksgiving!

Until next thought, Thomasena

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