A Quick Review of The Dark Knight Rises

Hey Music Movie Fans!  It’s been a minute for movie reviews and today I come with a quick take on the highly anticipated Warner Brothers film, which is the end of the trilogy based on the DC Knightfall comic series, The Dark Knight Rises:).  Now, I am a big The Dark Knight fan, and couldn’t wait until last Wednesday night when I attended a screening of the film in IMAX. And judging by all of the smiles in the audience, and hands being raised quickly to win prizes during the pre-screening trivia, I knew I wasn’t the only geek, um I meant fan, in waiting ;). Now those who follow this blog know I don’t believe in spoilers, so I will do my best to keep it real and not “spill the beans.”

First off, those who wanted the action ante upped from the second film will in no way, shape or form be disappointed; and being directed, co-written, and produced by Chris Nolan (Inception, The Dark Knight) did anyone think it wouldn’t?.  This movie moves from opening sequence and doesn’t slow down too much; but it does allow for some catch up on the now hermit like Bruce Wayne (played by the amazing Christian Bale), who has become a recluse since his Dark Knight/fugitive status eight years prior.  We also have to wait midway in the film for Batman to find his way back to Gotham after an unfortunate run-in with the major villain in this movie, Bane.  Or is Bane the major villain in this movie?. Okay, I am going to leave that there! 😉 Wait, I will say this…I very much enjoyed and missed Heath Ledger as the Joker! Although, Tom Hardy (Inception, Warrior) brought the super, hulky, scary to the Bane role, it paled in comparison to the charisma and full-out chaos Heath Ledger created in the sequel to Batman Begins.  Sorry ladies and gents, but had to reminisce a little and no direct comparison of the two actors meant, but simply my realizing the impact Mr. Ledger had on the series.

Okay, I’ll move pass the bittersweet to some of my fave things about the film.  The fight scenes are majorly intense, and I actually cringed at one point (yeah comic book fans you know the scene to which I’m referring!).  Academy Award winner Morgan Freeman (Million Dollar Baby) always makes me smile and I love the sense of  “calm during calamity” he adds to the Lucius Fox character. And Anne Hathaway (I loved her in Rachel Getting Married) is MAGNIFICENT as Catwoman/Selina Kyle!  But I have a gripe. It always amazes me how over-sexualized the female heroines/villains are made out. Case in point: when Batman rides his motorcycle there is no high rear, or rear raised high more accurately describes it, posterior angle.  But when Catwoman gets a chance to ride?  I’ll leave it there people, but go see the film and tell me you didn’t notice?

Another negative is with a close to three-hour running time, 2 hours and 44 minutes to be exact, you should make sure to load up enough snacks and visit a restroom before getting a theater seat!  It was a very long movie, and unfortunately the IMAX theater I visited was not the most comfortable.  Also, the movie is even more dark than the second in series, so if you have little ones waiting to see the film I would recommend heeding the PG-13 rating, as the violent images are certainly meant for a more mature audience.

Alright, there is so much more I want to say, but again it would involve some spoilers so I’ll just say go see this film!  And stop back and leave a thought or two below after you see it to let me know your favorite character/moment.  Look forward to hearing from you family.

Until next thought, Thomasena.


  1. I would also highly recommending everyone go see this, fan of the comic books or just the films. The action was intense, effects and vehicles amazing, story line was great and well executed. I loved the symbolism of the real bats and the ending, love it! I thought it could have been a little shorter, and you are correct that is the most uncomfortable theater I have ever been in, we moved around so much it wasn’t even funny after a while.


  2. I agree with Carolee that the movie was a tad bit lengthy, other than that…I really enjoyed it. Can’t wait to see if Robin is our next film star! By the way, Love the picture. Batman has never looked so sexy! LOL!


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