Fall 2011 TV featuring African American Actors

What’s up everyone?  Been about a week since my last post, summer is almost officially over, and the new TV season has crept up on us.  For those who enjoy watching the tube, I want to point your attention to a few shows that may be worth watching (at least once) that feature African-American actors.  I’ll start with the CBS network, for which I have a strong bias since this station features a few of my favorite dramas (including The Good Wife, yes Michael Ealy’s character was for only one season,  but Julianna Margulies is the truth and won an Emmy this evening as I blogged this; and Criminal Minds now in its 7th season featuring that gorgeous Shamar Moore).  It’s on CBS that Oscar nominee Taraji P. Henson will star in the detective thriller Person of Interest, by Lost creator J.J. Abrams, on Thursday nights at 9pm.  Annie Illonzeh (formerly of General Hospital) will round out the feminine kick butt threesome in the new Charlie’s Angels, debuting Thursday nights at 8pm on ABC.  And the NBC network will one up the other two major networks, with two shows.   The first is the much talked about drama The Playboy Club, which features Naturi Naughton (Notorious, Lottery Ticket) as “Bunny Brenda”  on Monday nights at 10pm.  NBC is also premiering a new comedic series Up All Night that will air Wednesdays at 8pm.  The show co-stars Maya Rudolph, as friend to a wife (Christina Applegate) who is adjusting with her husband as parenthood newbies.  In addition to the new shows, the NBC drama Community (in its third season and going up against Charlie’s Angels Thursdays at 8pm) has actor Michael K. Williams (from HBO’s Boardwalk Empire and formerly The Wire) guest starring in a three episode run, with hopes that his schedule will later allow for more appearances.

And speaking of cable networks, on October 11th BET Networks will premiere their new comedy, with veteran actors Malcolm Jamal Warner and Tracey Ellis Ross, Reed Between the Lines.  From the commercials I’m getting a Cosby show vibe, but I’ll hold my opinion until the premiere.  Lastly, the new Tyler Perry comedy For Better or Worse (a spin-off of the movie Why Did I Get Married) debuts on TBS on November 23rd.  A bit recycled, but again I’ll reserve full judgement until I’ve viewed.

Okay, that’s the short and SHORT of it 😉  Keep me posted if you watch and enjoy, or not, and I’ll do the same.

Until next thought,



  1. Hey Ms. Thomasena, great suggestions for our Fall TV line-up. I agree with you that the Reed…show has a Cosby flavor, but that may be why it’s a winner. I didn’t watch the Emmy’s, I’m becoming a little disenchanted by the blatant lack of diversity in nominees.

    OK unitl your next thought Ms. Thomasena…Good Day!

    P.S. Any thoughts on th new Two & A Half Men?


    1. Hello Ms. Stokes. Yeah, I agree that could make the show a winner as well, in addition to the fact that we are starving for positive shows that reflect different facets of life in the African American community. I hope this one brings at least something different to the table as one of the commericals promised 😉
      PS – I may actually check out Ashton tonight on Two and a Half Men. Want to see how he’s introduced into the show!


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