A Quick Review of TAKEN 2

Hello Music Movie Lovers!  How’s everyone Fall season going so far?  The weather here in Philly, PA has been beautiful and I look forward to this time of year, where the TV, movie, and music awards shows begin to take over primetime TV.  I’d mentioned in the last post that I’ve been working on several projects, one being a book by a new author that I am editing, but took a well needed break last Tuesday to screen the sequel to one of my favorite action films, Taken.  Yes, Liam Neeson has returned as retired CIA agent Bryan Mills in this new 20th Century Fox vehicle, which opens nationwide today.

As to not give spoilers, I will keep this short, sweet and straight to the point.  If I had to grade Taken 2, I would give it 7 out of 10 stars (and I am probably being a point too gracious still). Those who’ve seen the first movie will remember that Neeson’s character has a daughter who has been kidnapped, while visiting Europe, and is sold on the black market.  Mills then goes “park ape” to find her and kills anyone and everyone that stands in his way.  Fast forward… not sure of length of time because it wasn’t clearly indicated so I’ll say… X amount of time to this sequel and Bryan Mills is now the one in trouble, along with his ex-wife, and in need of his daughter’s help (somewhat).

What I most enjoyed about the film were the action scenes, although some of them weren’t as sharp as in the first and were predictable.  I read a review where the critic implied the movie was a parody of the first; and if that is true then I am a little less hesitant to give this another point :).  In contrast, the audience, with whom I screened film, and I seemed to be on the same page; as we came expecting action and laughed (hard) several times at some of the unbelievable things we were seeing.  And it really didn’t feel like the movie was going for comedy at those times we laughed!

In short, Taken 2 has some great moments but they are terribly offset by the predictable (and unbelievable) ones.  It was great seeing Liam Neeson return to this role, but I could’ve done without the daughter-assisted addition to the film and would have appreciated more of the ex-CIA operative gone rogue solo style from the first movie.  I think this would be the perfect date night movie for teens and I’m sure it will still have a pretty successful opening weekend (since many are waiting to see it).

Stop back by and share your thoughts if you check out! 🙂

Until next thought family, Thomasena