MMT 2017 award show listings/TV schedule


Hey MMT Fam!  I feel so blessed to greet you again in this new year. The end of 2016 was a rough one, and I’m praying for a greater, and smoother, 2017 for both you and myself!  I haven’t done it in a while, but wanted to give a heads up this year for the most popular award ceremonies – so you don’t miss out on celebrating and cheering for your faves. Here’s a ceremony list with dates, times and channels:

  • Golden Globe Awards– the 74th annual show airs this Sunday, January 8th at 8pm EST on NBC. Talk show host/comedian Jimmy Fallon takes over the ceremony as host for the first time.
  • People’s Choice Awards– the 2017 show, which honors the best in television, film and music according to public vote, will air Wednesday, January 18th at 9pm EST on CBS.
  • Trumpet Awards – celebrating its 25th Anniversary in 2017, The Trumpet Awards, which honors African-American achievement, will world première on Bounce TV on Sunday, Jan. 29 at 9:00 p.m. (ET). Actor/comedian Deon Cole and actor Nicole Ari Parker are scheduled to host. (updated 1/10/17)
  • Screen Actors Guild Awards– the 23rd annual SAG awards will air live Sunday, January 29th on both TBS and TNT at 8pm EST, with the 53rd Lifetime Achievement Award honors going to the legendary Lily Tomlin.
  • NAACP Image Awards– the 48th annual ceremony, celebrating outstanding achievements of people of color in the arts, with hosting duties by actor/comedian Anthony Anderson will air live on Saturday, February 11th at 9pm EST on TV One.
  • Grammy Awards– the 59th annual ceremony will air Sunday, February 12th at 8pm EST on CBS, with hosting duties going to first-timer, comedian/talk show host James Corden. The Lifetime Achievement Award 2017 honorees are Shirley Caesar, Ahmad Jamal, Charley Pride, Jimmie Rodgers, Nina Simone, Sly Stone, and the Velvet Underground.
  • The American Black Film Festival (ABFF) Honors – airing on BET for the second year in a row, this is an annual awards gala which pays tribute to individuals that have made distinguished contributions to American culture through the world of film and television, as well as those who champion diversity and inclusion in Hollywood. This year’s ceremony will air on February 22 at 8pm EST, and will be hosted by actor Regina Hall. (updated 2/9/17).
  • Academy Awards (Oscars)– the 89th annual Oscars will air Sunday, February 26th at 8:30pm EST on ABC. The ceremony this year will be hosted by first-timer, comedian/talk show host Jimmy Kimmel.
  • iHeartRadio Music Awards – is scheduled for Sunday, March 5, 2017, on TBS, TNT and TruTV at 8pm EST.
  • Billboard Music Awards – are set for Sunday, May 21, and will air live at 8pm EST on ABC.

Okay MMT Fam, that’s the scoop through May. I hope this list serves as an ample heads up for those who enjoy the awards season as much as I do! Leave a comment or two and let me know what you’ll watch and who you’re rooting for this year!

Until next thought, Thomasena

PS – I couldn’t locate current info for the 2017 BET Honors ceremony, but will update this post asap when I find out!

MMT Recommends: great (and free) programming on COMET TV in December!


Check your local listings to find Comet Tv or click the image below to watch online live now!

MMT November 2016 Netflix Picks

Happy last day of November MMT Fam! This year has “flown” by, and it seemed especially challenging for me these last couple of months with being caretaker for both a sick parent and pet – the latter of whom passed last week, and I am still a bit heartbroken. But, I was able to take time to watch two films over the Thanksgiving holiday that I very much wanted to see since their addition to Netflix – 13TH and ZOOTOPIA.

I cannot emphasize properly how remarkable Ava DuVernay’s 13TH is in detailing the impact of the American criminal system on African-Americans from post-slavery to modern times – based on a loophole in the 13th amendment that specifies slavery is allowed as use for punishment of a crime. I was in awe of the documentary, the images and stories displayed, and the mixture of scholars, educators, historians, activists, and politicians who expounded on policies and cases past and present.

It is a heavy documentary, but oh so necessary, and offers a precise and well supported view of the duality of convictions/mass incarceration for persons of color vs. persons of non-color – especially for those who have difficulty, or simply refuse to believe there is a difference in treatment for the African-American population.

To further drive the last point home, and how it’s shaped cultural attitudes, towards the end of film DuVernay focuses on many who were killed at the hands of law enforcement (or those who self-identified as authority, i.e. George Zimmerman’s self-inflated neighborhood watch role) – with video and/or audio clips – also adding the case of Kalief Browder, the 22 year-old who committed suicide in 2015 after being falsely charged and arrested at age 16 and spending three years without conviction at Rikers Island.

And for anyone who wishes to show the documentary in public, and is seeking clearance, Ms. DuVernay tweeted yesterday that Netflix has given its first ever, general waiver:

My second pick from this month is the Disney CGI animated hit ZOOTOPIA. A funny, and socially relevant on a pre-school, school age level, film featuring Officer Judy Hopps, who becomes the first bunny on the force and is forced to solve a mystery/conspiracy, with sly fox Nick Wilde, before entire species are forever banned from Zootopia.

Witty, socially savvy, and just plain fun, “Zootopia” is a great watch for the entire family, and is packed with positive messages of acceptance, perseverance, and community.

Okay MMT Fam, those are my two picks from November. Let me know if you watch, especially 13TH, and leave a comment or two sharing your thoughts!

Until next thought, Thomasena





MMT October 2016 Netflix Picks

Hey MMT Fam! So the picks from this month are all dedicated to those in the family that enjoy a good old scare or thrill around this time of year! I don’t celebrate Halloween, but I can appreciate a good thrill ride or a scare or two, and several of the films I’ve enjoyed in the past have made their way to Netflix.

The first pick isn’t scary, but it’s a good one for ages 13 and up – THE ADDAMS FAMILY. A reboot of the classic family TV comedy, the film stars the late Raul Julia and Anjelica Huston – who were spot on as Gomez and Morticia Addams – and rounds out the cast with Christopher Lloyd (Uncle Fester), Christina Ricci who was a fabulous fright as Wednesday, and Jimmy Worksman as Pugsley.

The next pick is a nod to Marvel/DC contributor Darryl King, and the sequel for one of MY favorite Marvel characters, BLADE II. Also infused with humor, this is R-rated action with gore and definitely not for little ones. Highlighting Wesley Snipes and his real life martial arts inspired moves, the film finds the titular character battling super vampires and helping those (vampires) being targeted. Mind you, Blade hates both – notwithstanding he is part vampire…oh, just watch it! Highly entertaining, and you’ll get to see a very funny Ron Perlman as the vampire Reinhardt.

So I know that Lifetime did a remake for this next pick – FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC – but I still enjoy the 1987 version based on the V. C. Andrews novel. Forbidden family secrets, child neglect and murder are entangled in this psychological horror thriller – that was actually supposed to be directed by Wes Craven, who’d created a draft screenplay, but it ended up in the hands of Jeffrey Bloom. It’s campy and creepy, and a good choice for those who don’t enjoy as much gore as a “Blade.”

And speaking of the late Wes Craven, you can’t mention the horror genre without including at least one of his films! So, I’m first recommending the documentary NEVER SLEEP AGAIN: THE ELM STREET LEGACY which chronicles the creation of his classic “A Nightmare on Elm Street” franchise. And thrown in for good measure is WES CRAVEN’S NEW NIGHTMARE where the infamous Freddy character begins to stalk real life actors from the franchise, including Heather Lagenkamp who famously played lead character Nancy in the first film. I mean, at first he haunts dreams, and then he comes to life…you can’t win! I’ll dedicate that last one to horror contributor Samantha, we all know she likes it scary!

Trivia question: which famous actor, with a knack for playing the macabre, made his début in the first Elm Street movie? Leave your answer in the comments, and share a favorite scary movie or two for others to check out!

And, for the MMT Fam without Netflix, there are a slew of scary movies/thrillers over on the free apps Crackle and Tubi TV! I’ve downloaded both, and recently watched one of my faves THE DEAD ZONE starring Christopher Walken on Tubi. And Crackle has a few faves that I’d recommend, including “The Craft,” “The Skeleton Key,” and “Tales From the Hood!” You can use both apps on mobile, tablet and desktop.

PS – is it me or is Donald Trump doing a Martin Sheen from “The Dead Zone” impersonation? 😉

Alright that’s it for me fam. Let me know if check out any of the listed choices! Until next thought, Thomasena


TV Thoughts: Is BEING MARY JANE in Jeopardy? Gabrielle Union Suing BET over breach of contract

Gabrielle Union

Over the past three years, there have been several shows to which I became addicted – Empire (MMT live tweet every Wednesday @musicfilmdiva), Power, American Crime, Daredevil, Atlanta, Queen Sugar, Luke Cage and – the show that premiered on BET as a movie with a subsequent half-year wait before its episodic début – BEING MARY JANE. Now Deadline Hollywood has broken the story that star of the latter, Gabrielle Union, has filed a lawsuit against the BET network for breach of contract.

According to the lawsuit, filed Tuesday in the Los Angeles Superior Court by the actress’s attorney Marty Singer,

“Although BET represented and assured Ms. Union before she agreed to perform in Being Mary Jane that it would never produce more than thirteen (13) episodes per season of the series,” the suit says, “BET now wants to shoot twenty (20) episodes of the series back-to-back and cram all of the episodes into a single season in order to fraudulently extend the term of Ms. Union’s contract, with no additional consideration, and to deprive Ms. Union of her agreed-upon compensation for the next two seasons of Being Mary Jane. It is outrageous that BET would treat one of its biggest stars in this manner after all she has done to support the network and contribute to its success.”

The actress is seeking damages to the tune of three million dollars, and a declaration that the network cannot request over 13 episodes per season.

This news comes just days after the welcome announcement of actor Michael Ealy joining the cast, opposite Union, for the upcoming fourth season. It also coincides with anticipated changes following the transition of showrunner Mara Brock Akil and husband/director Salim Akil – who left BET network after signing a deal with Warner Bros. TV. The Akils will retain executive producer credit, along with additions Will Packer and new show head Erica Shelton Kodish.

Let’s pray that “Being Mary Jane” not only makes it past this legal brouhaha, but that it continues successfully through seasons four and five – because let’s face it, The Following (add that to the above addiction list), Almost Human, Common Law, and Sleeper Cell were all cursed with cancellation, and the one common denominator was Ealy!

No shade towards Michael Ealy, I believe he was great in each role – especially my faves The Following and Sleeper Cell, where he played a serial killer/sociopath and an undercover FBI agent infiltrating a terrorist cell respectively. (Side note: I joked with Mr. Ealy about missing Sleeper Cell in a previous interview here).

In the meantime, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.

Until next thought, Thomasena





SWEET CHRISTMAS: an MMT Quick Review of Marvel’s ‘Luke Cage’ by contributor Darryl King


Nothing like a Bulletproof Black Man who isn’t afraid…

That’s the story of LUKE CAGE, the latest Marvel entry into the Netflix world. After Daredevil and Jessica Jones, Luke Cage takes center stage, moving the superhero business from midtown New York to uptown Harlem! Otherwise known as the “Wu-Tangification” of the Marvel universe, the Cage series is a wonderful expose’ into Black culture and history – the historical significance of Harlem expertly merged with the realities currently experienced by Black folk in America today.

Luke Cage is a beautifully shot and wonderfully crafted show that is able to unite the ‘Blaxploitation’ roots of the comic book and character – offering the hope, beauty and power of Black life all set to a wonderful musical soundtrack.

Perhaps influenced by shows like “The Wire” and “New York Undercover,” showrunner/ producer Cheo Hodari Coker shows off his love of Black culture with an uncanny proficiency in screenwriting/storytelling and direction. Outside of the Marvel movie and character references, Coker was allowed to bring his vision to the screen, making this series unapologetically about Luke Cage, Harlem, the fight for his people and who he wants to become.

For those who may not know, Luke Cage was a superhero created in the 70’s as an homage to the Blaxploitation and black power movements. Just imagine Shaft or Superfly with super powers. In this alliteration, Luke Cage is an ex-cop, who is framed for a crime and while in prison is experimented upon with a type of the super soldier serum that made Captain America.

His journey leads him to Harlem and in the effort to find himself, he becomes Harlem’s knight. This show isn’t groundbreaking because it mainly features Black characters, but it becomes important and self-aware because of its execution of Black culture, politics and life with well-defined roles and story – addressing racism, gentrification, police profiling, an underworld economy under the guise and banner of Marvel/MCU.

Perhaps the best thing about the series was the great acting performances throughout. Starting with Luke Cage, played by Mike Colter, we are watching a star in the making. Colter is a gentle giant with a strong intelligence and hero’s mentality, aspects that are greater than his super powers. His portrayal is eerily accurate to the comics, with many nods to his comic book look and persona littered throughout the series. Colter’s infectious personality combined with Cage’s journey merge into a wonderful soliloquy.

But the real power of the series may be in the plethora of strong Black female characters. Misty Knight played by Simone Missick is as tenacious as she is vulnerable. The show does a great job showing her visual abilities to detect a crime scene, and her sexiness is as powerful and lovely as Pam Grier in Foxy Brown.

Mariah Dillard (aka Black Mariah) played by Alfre Woodard is a major antagonist for Luke Cage in the comics, and her growth from altruist to willing villain is matched only by the Kingpin in the Daredevil series as a conflicted baddie.

Rosario Dawson is the common thread weaved throughout this Marvel Netflix universe as the “Night Nurse” aka Claire Temple. She is hardnosed, charismatic and owns every scene she appears. The energy between her role and Cage is electric.

But unlike the Marvel movies, what the Netflix series does superbly is establish well-defined villains. Mahershala Ali as Cottonmouth is incredible! He is as irrational as he is ruthless… fallible as he is evil.

Shades, played by Theo Rossi, is the wild card and perhaps the glue of the series as his motivations aren’t fully defined, but that’s what makes his character special. “Pops” (Frankie Faison), ‘Bobby Fish’ (Ron Cephas Jones) and Willis “Diamondback” Stryker (Erik LaRay Harvey) round out this great cast.

Some of the other highlights besides the many ‘Easter eggs’ of Black culture and the Marvel universe, are Coker’s use of a myriad of camera angles and musical influences to connote the emotionality of the series. The angles impose feelings of control, dominance, power, and destruction while the music underlies the show’s soul and passion.

It would have been easy to have rap as the main influence, since every episode was named after rap songs made by Gang Starr, but they did not handcuff themselves. The performances range from soul to rap, and from old school to new artists to provide a creative balance for the series.

In the end, “Luke Cage” (aka Power Man) gives the viewer everything we could have wanted and more. So I got nothing but ”Bulletproof Love” for you Luke Cage and as Method Man says in the rhyme, “The streets got your back!”

Darryl King (photo courtesy of Darryl King)Darryl King is a video director, film writer and avid Marvel/DC comic book/movie lover. Check out his reviews of Suicide SquadBatman: The Killing Joke, and Captain America: Civil War right here on MMT.




MMT September 2016 Netflix Picks



Well MMT Fam, I waited until the final day of September to recommend my first pick LUKE CAGE, which premiered its first 13 episode season today on Netflix. And yes I boldly emphasized first, because with a dynamic cast – that includes Mike Colter (Cage), Mahershala Ali (Cornell Stokes), Alfre Woodard (Mariah Stokes) and Simone Missick (Misty Knight) to name a few faves – amazing fight scenes, a hot soundtrack (I mean the episodes are named after Gang Starr songs for goodness sake), and a 92% fresh Top Critics’ rating on Rotten Tomatoes, what could go wrong? This show was a hit from the jump. And for those who took my advice in February about seasons one and two of Marvel’s Daredevil, Rosario Dawson also reprises her role as Claire Temple.

Now for those, like myself, who didn’t follow the Luke Cage comic and don’t know the story, the title character was a falsely accused prisoner who developed invincible skin and superhuman strength via a botched experiment – and subsequently escaped to become a superhero for hire in his Harlem neighborhood.  Luke Cage was one of the first mainstream comics to feature an African-American, and the first to have his own series on newsstands. Mike Colter made his original début as Cage in season one of Marvel’s Jessica Jones Netflix series in 2015 – which was created, and co-written, by Melissa Rosenberg.

The new show, created by Cheo Hodari Coker (Ray Donovan, Notorious, Straight Outta Compton), a former music journalist, is an expanded vision of the character – a hip-hop inspired, gritty and substantial story fused with frenzied action scenes and a tight score – the latter courtesy of music co-supervisors Adrian Younge (Black Dynamite) and Ali Shaheed Muhammad (of the legendary rap group A Tribe Called Quest).

I’ll leave the official review of “Luke Cage” to our resident Marvel expert, Mr. Darryl King. I know he’ll have plenty to share! But until then, check out the latest trailer for the series below – with a cameo from Method Man – and get into the first season on Netflix, so you can share your thoughts when Darryl posts. Yes Darryl, you’ve been volunteered!

My second pick is the somber, yet empowering, documentary AUDRIE & DAISY, which highlights the true stories of three separate sexual assault/bullying cases  – with emphasis on both Audrie Pott and Daisy Coleman – that culminate in very different endings for the victims.

The film explores the stories of the two protagonists through court records, social media, and interviews with family, police, victims and perpetrators. It also includes survivors of similar cases, albeit briefly (I wish a bit more focus was given to the case of Jada Smith), and the work of the group PAVE – whose goal is to assist sexual assault victims by creating a safe space to share their stories, as well as provide prevention education within the community.

I give a strong trigger warning for “Audrie & Daisy,” and caution those who may be sensitive to any sexual subject matter. However, I highly recommend this as necessary viewing for teens and up – and for parents to consider using as a tool for discussing relevant topics, such as safety and consent.

The third and final selection for this month is one of my favorite television dramas from the past two years, AMERICAN CRIME. If you have not watched this show, created by John Ridley (12 Years A Slave, Red Tails), you have missed out on one of the best directed, acted and written dramas on the telly!

With a strong cast that features new and recurring actors in different roles over its two seasons – including Regina King, who won an Emmy two years in a row for her portrayals, Felicity Huffman, Timothy Hutton, and Elvis Nolasco – this show is nothing short of gripping.

And it keeps you engrossed while the crimes (so far an alleged murder/hate crime and an alleged rape/bullying case) and the lives they’ve impacted are explored – through the lenses of race, class, gender, and sexual orientation. Truthfully, I felt like throwing my TV out the window at the conclusion of each season – the endings really take you there. But, since I can’t afford to keep buying TVs, it’s safer for me to pull a Florida Evans:

Again, I’d give a trigger warning for the second season of “American Crime” but, unlike “Audrie & Daisy,” it is a fictionalized account that is more diverse (with respect to race and sexual orientation) and can be used with ages teen and up as a tool to discuss various topics, including consent. It’s also important to note that the series includes strong language, which was blocked when it aired on ABC, so viewer discretion is advised.

Alright family, you know the routine. I’d love to know if you’ve seen or will watch any of the selections, so stop back and share your comments!

Until next thought, Thomasena







NEXT THOUGHT ON TV: ‘Hairspray Live!’ adds Broadway stars Ephraim Sykes and Shahadi Wright Joseph


Hey MMT Fam! Remember several months ago when we gave you the heads up about the upcoming HAIRSPRAY LIVE! production coming in December? Well, they’ve just rounded out the cast with two of Broadway’s hottest talents – Ephraim Sykes (HAMILTON) and Shahadi Wright Joseph (SCHOOL OF ROCK) – who were cast as Seaweed J. Stubbs and Little Inez, respectively.

Seaweed J. Stubbs is a hip and kind-hearted dancer who befriends Tracy in detention and teaches her some new moves. He is also the son of Motormouth Maybelle (Jennifer Hudson) who falls in love with Tracy’s best friend, Penny (Ariana Grande).

Little Inez is Seaweed’s younger sister, who tries to audition for “The Corny Collins Show” but is at first turned away because she is African-American.

Sykes and Joseph join an already stellar lineup that includes the aforementioned powerhouses as well as Harvey Fierstein, Kristin Chenoweth, Martin Short, Derek Hough, Dove Cameron, Garrett Clayton, exciting newcomer Maddie Baillio, and special guest stars Sean Hayes, Andrea Martin, and Rosie O’Donnell.

You can follow “Hairspray Live” on social media and get additional updates on the December television event at:





MMT Fam, there are two new shows premiering on Tuesday, September 6 that have been on my radar for a minute, and I can’t wait to view them both. The only downside is they are airing at the same time – so it’s a toss-up as to which watch in real-time and which to view later!

The first series ATLANTA, is filmed on location and stars the multi-talented Donald Glover (Community, Magic Mike XXL) – who not only created the show, but serves as executive producer, writer, director and executive music producer.

“Atlanta” follows two cousins trying to better their, and their families, lives by navigating the Atlanta music scene. The show also stars Brian Tyree Henry, Lakeith Stanfield, and Zazie Beetz and airs tomorrow night at 10 pm EST on FX.

The next show, co-created by Oprah Winfrey and co-created/written by show runner, and MMT fave, Ava DuVernay, QUEEN SUGAR has already garnered high praise from critics, advanced viewers and festival goers alike. With a two-night première September 6 and 7 at 10 pm EST on OWN, season one of the series is an all female directed, 13-episode adaptation based on the novel by Natalie Baszile.

Set in the fictional town of Saint Josephine, Louisiana, “Queen Sugar” chronicles the journey of the estranged Bordelon siblings: Nova (Rutina Wesley, True Blood, How She Move), a journalist and activist; Charley (Dawn-Lyen Gardner, Unforgettable), the wife and manager of a professional basketball star; and Ralph Angel (Kofi Siriboe, Awkward), a formerly incarcerated young father seeking redemption.

In Ava’s own words, the show is, “something that allows us to see ourselves and see the ways that we interact with our own families.”  “So, this family can be stripped of its location, of its race, of its class, and still our hope is that you’re able to see a bit of yourself in it.”

“Queen Sugar” has a solid cast that also includes Dondre Whitfield (Middle of Nowhere) and, one of my favorite actors of all-time, Mr. Glynn Turman (The Obama Effect, Cooley High). Its September 6 première will air as a “commercial-free” director’s cut, so that helps determine the coin toss for me – I’ll personally stream “Atlanta” on Sept 7.

Stop back and share your thoughts if you watch either, or both, shows!

Until next thought, Thomasena

MMT August 2016 Netflix Picks

get down

Happy Sunday MMT Fam! I am near the end of a desperately needed birthday vacation, but wanted to quickly share my picks from this month – since I was able to catch up during my off days!

This months picks are inspired by, and begin with, the Netflix original series THE GET DOWN, which features a dynamic cast including an MMT fave Shameik Moore (who starred in one of my favorite 2015 films DOPE), Jimmy Smits, Giancarlo Esposito, Jaden Smith, and newcomers Justice Smith and Herizen F. Guardiola in the lead roles of Ezekiel (Zeke) and Mylene.

I can best describe “The Get Down” as an unconventional, hip-hop fantasy/musical/drama inspired by the pioneering days of DJing and rapping – with Nasir Jones aka NAS and Grandmaster Flash bringing parts of authenticity to the project as executive producer/narrator and associate producer/adviser respectively, along with noted journalist and hip-hop historian Nelson George who served as supervising producer. And Mamoudou Athie, cast as a young Grandmaster Flash, had me doing a double take the entire episode one of the six part saga – which follows a group of  youth as they navigate the rise of the early South Bronx hip hop movement in late 1970s NYC.

Directed and co-written by Baz Luhrmann, “The Get Down” is very reminiscent of his earlier works, “The Great Gatsby” (2013) and “Romeo and Juliet” (1996), with its creatively modern take on the period. If you have a free day, or a three-day for the approaching Labor Day weekend, with only six episodes this series is an easy and entertaining binge.

Since a couple of films (“Wild Style” included) that would be perfect pairings with the first choice are now distant memories for Netflix, here are a few others that are still streaming that I think would complement it nicely:

  1. DOPE – and anyone who follows this site knows! This was one of my top three films of 2015, and a February 2016 Netflix pick so refer to my rationale there!
  2. HIP HOP: THE FURIOUS FORCE OF RHYMES – is a perfect choice for those who prefer a documentary or fact based telling of the art form’s rise from the late 1970’s NYC to the worldwide genre we now know. Featuring artists, such as Grandmaster Caz and Lord Jamar, the 87 minute narrative is a summation of hip-hop’s beginnings to its current global reach and impact.
  3. THE BOONDOCKS – four seasons worth of witty, hilarious, albeit oft-times vulgar, hip-hop infused animated humor and social commentary. Although its award-winning creator and cartoonist Aaron McGruder left the show during the fourth season, this comedy series – which follows two brothers, Huey and Riley, being raised by their elderly grandfather – remained funny in its uncensored, unafraid and unabashed clowning of any and everything. This pick is definitely not recommended for our more conservative readers, and definitely not for those who are easily offended.

Alright family, those are my choices from the month of August! Back to enjoying my last day and a sixth of bday vacay!

Until next thought, Thomasena