MMT Chat with Adriyan Rae of THE GAME

Born and raised in the state of Delaware, Adriyan Rae is a shooting star whose trajectory is heading towards the stratosphere. Whether saving lives as Ambulance 61 paramedic Gianna Mackey in her former role on “Chicago Fire,” or portraying the all grown-up version of Brittany Pitts in the Paramount+ reboot of the hit series THE GAME, Rae is showing the world what she’s made of and what it takes to survive and dominate as a woman in any industry.

An actress and singer, who happens to hold degrees in both medical laboratory science and as a physician’s assitant, Rae is a well-rounded creative who can hold her own both on and off the screen.

And did I mention she attended and graduated from the University of Sciences here in my hometown of Philadelphia, PA? Yeah, Philly is definitely claiming this beautiful soul.

Take a listen to the MMT Chat with Adriyan below, and catch up on the entire season one of THE GAME streaming now on Paramount+.

Until next thought, Thomasena

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