Happy Friday MMT Fam! Yes, I know it’s been a slow month and you’ve barely heard from me – with the exception of a few giveaways and some shares on IG and Twitter if you follow me there, which I highly recommend by the way!

So let me catch you up with what’s been happening and what will happen temporarily for the foreseeable future. If you follow the site, or myself on social media, you know that I not only live with MS but am a four-year cancer survivor who is BRCA 2 positive. In addition to working full-time, I operate mostly from my own personal expenses – because I absolutely love the arts and I love the opportunities this blog site has provided.

I also enjoy engaging with fellow theater, music and film lovers and am passionate about sharing information on the like.

That being said, sometimes my medical journey, and expenses, gets difficult and I’ve had to step away at least twice – including once back in 2017 for cancer related surgery and chemo – in the almost 11 years since I started this site.

What I want to ask is that if you subscribe to please extend some patience and grace as I deal with a few challenges over the next two months. I will still post intermittently in the meantime and promise to get back in the swing of things as soon as things are better resolved.

If you’ve enjoyed this site, received some of our cool giveaway prizes or just want to give a bit of support, I also ask that you donate – a charitable donations button is on bottom right on laptop and bottom screen on mobile – and support my efforts in maintaining this site.

I remain extremely thankful for each and every subscriber, reader, sharer and patron.

Until next thought, Thomasena

PS: please also subscribe to MusicMoviesThoughts TV on YouTube. Every view and subscriber help me to reach my goal. You can watch one of my fave MMT chats – with CONCRETE COWBOY director Ricky Straub and star Caleb McLaughlin – below and I highly recommend sci-fi, fantasy, thriller lovers to check out STRANGER THINGS, also featuring McLaughlin, season four which premiered today on Netflix!

What are your thoughts?

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