AAFCA Roundtable with Harold Perrineau of Epix’s FROM

MMT Fam, I’ve been recommending everyone get into the new Epix series FROM for over a month now. If you love horror, or thrillers with a bit – well actually a good bit – of creep, it is a great one to binge. I gave minute thoughts last month and even shared how to watch the first three episodes for free and subscribe.

With a Stephen King-esque feel, the serial follows a gang of strangers trapped in a haunted town trying to find an escape – oh, and there are creepy ghouls thrown in for good measure. But more importantly, the show features a solid cast – anchored by veteran actor Harold Perrineau – whose characters are compelling and backstories intriguing.

The show has been the thrill I didn’t know I needed and I’ve loved every bit of the premiere season. So, I was ecstatic when invited to sit down virtually with Perrineau and the AAFCA family to discuss the show and his related experiences.

You can watch a clip below – with the star answering an MMT question about my favorite episode – and the full video when it premieres on The AAFCA Channel. And don’t forget to subscribe to MusicMoviesThoughts TV on YouTube while you’re at it!

Until next thought, Thomasena

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