MMT Minute Thoughts on FROM

Full disclosure: I have never, ever seen an episode of “Lost,” so all of the comparisons being made to the new Horror-Sci fi series FROM on Epix are completely lost on me…see what I did there? But what I will say is, whether this show resembles or reminds folk of the former (personally I’m feeling Stephen King-esque vibes), it is hands down one of my favorites of the season – and I’m in great company because check those Rotten Tomato critics and audience scores when you get a moment!

So, what is the show about? A small town that has trapped and bewildered its residents, who are additionally haunted by blood thirsty ghouls that prey daily after sundown, with no apparent escape. Unfortunately for the residents, the demons lurking in the darkness are not the only ones they have to contend.

With a really solid cast anchored by the always captivating Harold Perrineau as town sheriff Boyd Stevens – whose backstory is simply heartbreaking, so be prepared when you watch the 8th episode – “From” delivers on the drama, suspense, as well as the thrills and a few jump scares.

Hulu graced me with the first eight out of ten episodes and I’ve been twiddling my thumbs – and behaving like an addict – waiting for the final two of the season, as I binged those first few in a day!

If thrills and horror are your speed, you will more than likely enjoy this show but if you’re not certain – and want to test the theory but don’t have Epix – anyone can watch the first three episodes of the show, which premiered back in February, on the streaming channel for free.

You can also use this link to learn how to subscribe/watch Epix via cable, apps, devices, and sign up for a free 7-day trial here, just make time to binge the show when you do!

Unless you’re not into spooky and suspense, I highly doubt you’ll be disappointed with this one. I was instantly captivated and the world and character building are really well done.

I rate FROM 4 out of 5 on the MMTrometer.

Episode 7, entitled “All Good Things,” premieres tomorrow night at 9pm ET on EPIX.

Until next thought, Thomasena

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