MMT Minute Thoughts on BECKMAN out on Digital and DVD September 22

Out today on Digital and DVD is the latest action film from Pureflix entitled BECKMAN, starring David A.R. White in the title role. A revenge story, with faith based elements intertwined, Beckman follows retired hitman Aaron Beckman who attempts to turn his life around, but is pulled back into the life to save his adopted daughter Tabitha (Brighton Sharbino) from a dangerous cult leader named Reese (William Baldwin). Seeking info for his rescue plan, Beckman relies on his former employer, causing him to owe a favor, no questions asked, when called – and jeopardizes his attempt to rely on his faith versus the violence he knows all too well.

When I requested the screener, I was hyped because the synopsis was intriguing and there are many gems that are overlooked because they aren’t big budget features. So it really pains me to write that five minutes into watching I already knew it wouldn’t be the small budget treasure I was seeking.

Even more disappointing is the fact that it takes some liberties, and is very reminiscent, of several movies in the revenge genre – i.e. Taken and more glaringly John Wick with respect to Beckman’s employer and the additional hitman that become involved (but this is a non-spoiler site, so I’ll leave it there).

And the direction is also disheartening, with awkward flashback and forward scenes that don’t complement the story and give underdeveloped explanations when used.

I did like the premise, however, and really wish it was better executed and developed. I also enjoyed character actor Lynette DuPree (The Goldbergs, The Lion Guard) and wish she had a lengthier part in the story.

The film is definitely set up for a part two, and I’m curious enough to watch and see if the story, and direction, are strengthened if it’s ever produced.

Unfortunately, this movie left me majorly unsatisfied, with a rating of 2 out of 5 beats on the MMTrometer. BECKMAN is out now, with purchase and streaming options at the official website

Until next thought, Thomasena

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