MMT Minute Thoughts on IRRESISTIBLE

Chris Cooper stars as Jack Hastings and Steve Carell as Gary Zimmer in IRRESISTIBLE, a Focus Features release. Credit: Daniel McFadden / Focus Features

In theaters and on-demand today is IRRESISTIBLE a satire, written and directed by Jon Stewart, about the modern electoral process and the money that drives it.

Here’s the synopsis:

“Written and directed by Jon Stewart, Irresistible is a comedy about what happens when a small Wisconsin town becomes the main attraction of our modern-day political circus. When the Democratic National Committee’s top strategist Gary Zimmer (Steve Carell) sees a video of retired Marine colonel Jack Hastings (Chris Cooper) standing up for the rights of his town’s undocumented workers, he believes he has found the key to winning back voters in America’s heartland.

Paying an unscheduled visit to Hastings’ dairy farm in rural Deerlaken, Wisconsin, Gary persuades the largely apolitical retired Marine to run for mayor. Initially, Gary relies on Jack’s very capable daughter, Diana (Mackenzie Davis) and a team of enthusiastic, if inexperienced, volunteers. However, when the Republican National Committee counters him by sending in his brilliant nemesis Faith Brewster (Rose Byrne), Gary is more than primed to up his game. As Gary and Faith square off, what started out as a local race quickly becomes escalates to a national political battle and a hilarious fight for the soul of America.”

So, with Stewart as writer/director and Carell and Byrne cast, is it funny? It’s definitely clever, and speaks volumes regarding how our current system needs a healthy revamp, but the comedic punches weren’t as consistent as I expected with the aforementioned involved.

When asked about the project’s development, Stewart shared,

“I was thinking about how to satirize the current moment without necessarily being so specific. Was there something about the climate of our current political system, and the way money is incentivized within it, that creates the kind of corrupted outcomes we’ve been seeing? Rather than focusing on a Trump-like figure or a rising politician, the idea was to look at it from the system’s perspective.”

And that is where the film best shines. It’s not an indictment of any political party, but a trumpet call to change the system that allows separation and manipulation at the expense of everyone’s best interest.

In that sense, the film reflects on a timely and very real issue – too real which is why I wanted it funnier, so I could laugh to keep from crying. But I did enjoy the ending, which was satisfying after watching the fictional strategists condescend and manipulate their way throughout.

All in all, the movie isn’t hilarious but it is relevant and you’ll have some hearty laughs along the way. I would rate it 3 out of 5 on the MMTrometer.

IRRESISTIBLE is out now in theaters and on-demand. Find out where to watch at the official website here.

Until next thought, Thomasena

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