MMT Minute Thoughts: LIFE BELOW ZERO on National Geographic Channel

I had the pleasure of attending a virtual screening of the hit National Geographic show LIFE BELOW ZERO, which was immediately followed by a live Q & A panel with Deadline journalist and moderator Dominic Patten, series subject Sue Aikens, director of photography Michael Cheeseman and executive producer/showrunner Joe Litzinger.

The series follows the everyday lives of its subjects, who reside in isolated areas of Alaska, highlighting how they survive on a day-to-day basis – while utilizing limited resources and relying on their own skill sets.

The episode screened was entitled “Winter Inferno,” which showed Aikens’s escapades with a new generator, as well as series co-stars hunting muskrats – um, yes that’s a thing – as well as moving camps and gathering wood.

Doesn’t sound exciting you say?  I promise you, the entire episode was an engaging lesson on survival, and I quickly learned that this city girl known as “me” would not last one full day in that environment without assistance.

The show also is an in-your-face look at the damage being done to the earth’s climate – displaying the harsh impact of weather changes on the environment – an example being the drastic reduction in ice density and its effects on food resources for both humans and animals in the area.

Filled with cultural wisdom and practices, the series offers an up-close look at lives lived mostly in isolation – and dare I say that many of us can relate and learn a bit a more about surviving in isolation right now!

It’s a great watch for those who are thrill seekers, lovers of do-it-yourself viewing, and just those who are interested in learning more about other ways of life.

You can click here to read Patten’s Deadline article and watch the virtual conversation, which highlights the previously mentioned panelists discussing the “psychology of isolation.”

LIFE BELOW ZERO marathons are currently running on the National Geographic channel on Tuesdays and streaming on the Disney+ app. Check your local listings for updates or the official YouTube channel here.

Until next thought, Thomasena



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