Lego Batman

Building on the success of 2014’s “The Lego Movie,” Warner Bros. Pictures returns today with THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE – a follow-up that features the “self-described” hero from the first movie, and one of film’s and comic’s most beloved superheroes.

In the story, we find the title character doing his lone vigilante thing until his arch nemesis, The Joker, devises a plan that requires him to step out of his comfort zone and embrace, and ultimately conquer, his greatest fear in order to save Gotham.

So, what did contributor Darryl King think of the film? “The Lego Batman Movie does three things very well,”

  • The Mythos of Batman – Batman in the movies has an expansive history from the 1966 movie to the Batman V Superman, and this film is very self-aware, as it pokes fun at and highlights all of these movies and shows as well as the characters that made them so unique.
  • The Rules of the Lego World – as established in the “Lego Movie”, the concept of ‘Master Builders’ are the key plot point in the film. The Master Builder has the capability to take Legos and create any thing their mind can conceive. And in the midst of telling a funny animated story, this film doesn’t forget the principles of Legos, and uses it as part of the story arc.
  • Good Message – Batman’ nature is that of a loner, someone who’s mainly an introvert since his parents died, and he refuses to trust anyone. But, to be able to solve the problems in this movie, Batman has to gradually learn how to work together with others, open up and trust people.

And what did I think?

  • The opening is clever and hilarious! Without spoiling, I’ll just say there’s a nod to Michael Jackson that added to what was already a high expectation that the film would be a great one.
  • And speaking of nods, the acknowledgements and parodies of the various Batman incarnations throughout the film served as a tribute, and a treat for both film and comic lovers of the “Caped Crusader.”
  • Themes of family, teamwork, and self-reflection were solid and cleverly woven together using Batman’s greatest nemesis – The Joker – to progress the story.

There was a super excited little one, whose laughter permeated the theater at the start of the film. Unfortunately, he checked out about mid-way, only to have his humorous chuckle return close to the movie’s climax. This wee one confirmed my feeling that the film, although good, was a bit lengthy – especially for smaller theater goers who are not as advanced to receive some of the film’s messages.

To summarize, Darryl thinks “The Lego Batman Movie” is quite enjoyable, extremely funny film with some strong emotional moments between the Joker and Batman – that will please all fans who love the relationship between these two. The movie might be a bit long, with some villainy moments that we don’t have a big investment in, but the enjoyment and laughter this movie generates helps with overlooking its short comings. Is it better than the first? Darryl says, “No, but it does triumphantly pass the baton to the next Lego film in this budding franchise.”

And I thought “The Lego Batman Movie” was a fun ride, albeit too long, with material that best suits ages 6 and up. I don’t think the movie is as extraordinary as “The Lego Movie,” as it dragged a bit at times – and the fight scenes, although cool to look at really were overdone a bit, which contributed to the film being 15 to 20 minutes longer than it should.

THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE opens in theaters nationwide today. Let’s us know what you think when you see the film! And MMT advanced screening winners, we’re looking forward to your comments! 😉

Until next thought, Thomasena

And to get a taste of what to expect from THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE, check out this cute video of Batman giving a tour of his home on “Gotham Cribs.” LOL 🙂





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