GIVEAWAY: advanced screening for ‘CLOUDS OF SILS MARIA’ Tuesday, April 14 (Philly, PA)

Clouds of Sils Maria (photo: IFC Films)

Happy Friday MMT Family!  We’ve partnered with Allied-THA to give away passes to an advanced screening of IFC Film’s CLOUDS OF SILS MARIA next Tuesday evening. Starring Kristen Stewart, of Twilight fame, the film and Stewart have received great reviews on the festival circuit. Opening in some theaters nationwide today, the film opens in Philadelphia at the Ritz Five on April 17.

Want to put your name in the hat?  Send an email to with the subject line “Clouds” and your name in the body. The first 25 MMT subscribers to respond will receive an admit-two pass and will be notified on Sunday, April 12. Passes are not guaranteed and, like theater seating, are first-come, first-served.

You can read a synopsis and watch the below trailer for the film, and get additional information about CLOUDS OF SILS MARIA at the official website here.

Good luck family!  Until next thought, Thomasena


Juliette Binoche, Kristen Stewart, and Chloë Grace Moretz light up this scintillating showbiz drama from acclaimed director Olivier Assayas (Carlos). When she’s cast as the older lover in a romantic lesbian drama opposite an upstart young starlet (Moretz), an established middle-aged actress (Binoche) is overcome with personal insecurities and professional jealousies— all while sexual tension simmers between her and her personal assistant (Stewart). A bewitching tale of backstage rivalry, Clouds of Sils Maria is propelled by tour-de-force performances from three actresses at the top of their game.

What are your thoughts?

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