MMT Quick Review of OUIJA: ORIGIN OF EVIL by contributor Samantha Hollins


The audience sat still while a strong, cinematic presence faded in as if we were about to engage in a séance…when our only attempt was to make contact with the prequel of OUIJA: THE ORIGIN OF EVIL. Every scene drew me in as if I were being overtaken by the energy of each well-developed character created by Jeff Howard and Mike Flanagan. If you saw the 1st installment of Ouija in 2014 then you will be thrilled to see how both films are stitched together. If you didn’t see it, this haunting flick will send you stalking it down for sure. Director/screen writer Mike Flanagan did a phenomenal job sewing the backstory of sweet little Doris together to create an even superior scare-fest.

Set in 1965 Los Angles with impeccable vintage cars and righteous clothing that fit the time period thoroughly, the music centered the mood with a bohemian vibe that enraptured the essence of the 60’s. In the midst of shock-buster moments, the soundtrack invites us to collect ourselves with a groovy head nod. Just when you are dancing in your seat to that oldies sound, the eerie score (by the Newton Brothers) plagues you with an unsettling chill.

A family physic business (including two daughters and mother Alice Zander) makes light of the spirit world to make ends meet after the death of her husband; their dad. The Ouija board is merely a prop to allure a more genuine atmosphere for clients. Good intent to help people soon shifts into curiosity. When temptation takes over, the story begins to move across the board all by itself.

It was very nostalgic to see Elliot (Henry Thomas) from E.T.’s veteran chops take on the role of the obliging Father Tom, who’s off-beat overtone can easily remind you of a priest in a classic horror movie.

The camera often played the part of the planchette (the heart shaped wooden piece with wheels) gliding so suspiciously through each scene. The angles wrapped around each shot with startling suspense. The menacing lighting casted shadows over the innocence that little Doris held as close as she could. All she wanted was her daddy. All she wanted was her mom to no longer worry. All she wanted was her sister to believe.

Did Doris go too far to bring her family together is the yes or no question that goes back and forth in this riveting spine-chiller. But wait! Before you get out of your seat and leave the theater, let the credits roll because there is an unforeseen ending that would be too deadly to miss. OUIJA: THE ORIGIN OF EVIL was released October 21st by Universal Studios and is now playing at a theater near you.

Samantha HollinsSamantha Hollins, aka Ghetto SongBird, is a multi-talented singer/songwriter, guitarist, poet/writer, photographer and all around creative soul, who passionately enjoys sharing her positive artistic energy and harmonic vibes. You can follow her, and get additional information about her next tour date, on her Facebook page here; and check out her review of BLAIR WITCH right here on MMT!

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