MMT October 2016 Netflix Picks

Hey MMT Fam! So the picks from this month are all dedicated to those in the family that enjoy a good old scare or thrill around this time of year! I don’t celebrate Halloween, but I can appreciate a good thrill ride or a scare or two, and several of the films I’ve enjoyed in the past have made their way to Netflix.

The first pick isn’t scary, but it’s a good one for ages 13 and up – THE ADDAMS FAMILY. A reboot of the classic family TV comedy, the film stars the late Raul Julia and Anjelica Huston – who were spot on as Gomez and Morticia Addams – and rounds out the cast with Christopher Lloyd (Uncle Fester), Christina Ricci who was a fabulous fright as Wednesday, and Jimmy Worksman as Pugsley.

The next pick is a nod to Marvel/DC contributor Darryl King, and the sequel for one of MY favorite Marvel characters, BLADE II. Also infused with humor, this is R-rated action with gore and definitely not for little ones. Highlighting Wesley Snipes and his real life martial arts inspired moves, the film finds the titular character battling super vampires and helping those (vampires) being targeted. Mind you, Blade hates both – notwithstanding he is part vampire…oh, just watch it! Highly entertaining, and you’ll get to see a very funny Ron Perlman as the vampire Reinhardt.

So I know that Lifetime did a remake for this next pick – FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC – but I still enjoy the 1987 version based on the V. C. Andrews novel. Forbidden family secrets, child neglect and murder are entangled in this psychological horror thriller – that was actually supposed to be directed by Wes Craven, who’d created a draft screenplay, but it ended up in the hands of Jeffrey Bloom. It’s campy and creepy, and a good choice for those who don’t enjoy as much gore as a “Blade.”

And speaking of the late Wes Craven, you can’t mention the horror genre without including at least one of his films! So, I’m first recommending the documentary NEVER SLEEP AGAIN: THE ELM STREET LEGACY which chronicles the creation of his classic “A Nightmare on Elm Street” franchise. And thrown in for good measure is WES CRAVEN’S NEW NIGHTMARE where the infamous Freddy character begins to stalk real life actors from the franchise, including Heather Lagenkamp who famously played lead character Nancy in the first film. I mean, at first he haunts dreams, and then he comes to life…you can’t win! I’ll dedicate that last one to horror contributor Samantha, we all know she likes it scary!

Trivia question: which famous actor, with a knack for playing the macabre, made his début in the first Elm Street movie? Leave your answer in the comments, and share a favorite scary movie or two for others to check out!

And, for the MMT Fam without Netflix, there are a slew of scary movies/thrillers over on the free apps Crackle and Tubi TV! I’ve downloaded both, and recently watched one of my faves THE DEAD ZONE starring Christopher Walken on Tubi. And Crackle has a few faves that I’d recommend, including “The Craft,” “The Skeleton Key,” and “Tales From the Hood!” You can use both apps on mobile, tablet and desktop.

PS – is it me or is Donald Trump doing a Martin Sheen from “The Dead Zone” impersonation? 😉

Alright that’s it for me fam. Let me know if check out any of the listed choices! Until next thought, Thomasena



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