MMT Quick Look: RACE

Jesse Owens

Happy Tuesday MMT Fam! It is the 2nd day of Black History Month, and yesterday we celebrated “The Funk Brothers” over on the MMT Facebook page. Today, I am excited to give a quick look of RACE, the Jesse Owens biopic hitting theaters on February 19th.

I know that some still question the logic of having an entire month dedicated solely to Black History; however if you take an honest look around at current events, it’s easy to see that true diversity in all mediums is still a major societal issue. And until our children’s history books are a true reflection of the diverse heroes, both celebrated and unsung, that make up our community, I will be proud to highlight the accomplishments of Jesse Owens and other notable African-Americans.

So take a look at the below trailer for the upcoming film RACE and leave a comment or two to let us know who are YOUR heroes?

Until next thought, Thomasena

Who are YOUR heroes? Who is unstoppable #LikeJesse #RACE

What are your thoughts?

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