Next Thought on Music: Brandy “Begs and Pleads” (guest contributor Christopher D. Weaver )


Who would’ve ever thought that shy little girl who met Whitney Houston, played Cinderella, and sat on top of the world, would be beggin’& pleadin’?? Brandy has returned with her new hit single Beggin’ & Pleadin that is currently exclusively on Soundcloud. Ms. Norwood is known for her raspy, but confident vocal prowess. She didn’t fail to deliver on this track as well. Brandy channeled 60’s Aretha soul pop tinged with gospel overtones. It’s superb!! The lyrics are intertwined with the homage of yesteryear and the urban presence of today.  She boldly uses the “N” word as the background sashays in beehives and penny loafers all while letting her former paramour know he can go and take his last name with him. I’m not clear if this track is to accompany her new TV sitcom “Zoe Ever After”, but considering the context of the show and this single, it would be a perfect marketing marriage. I’m a die-hard Brandy fan. I wanted to be her “Best Friend”, I knew that a “Full Moon” wasn’t a bad thing and nobody could deny that an “Angel in Disguise” can exist. She doesn’t have to beg and plead me or any other true fan to love this single. I’m in, all the way in. Wave me back Bran, Wave me back!!  Please go visit the past while in the presence of Brandy’s new single “Beggin & Pleadin”. Trust me, it’s worth the trip.

Christopher Weaver

Christopher D. Weaver is a PR consultant, freelance writer/editor and author of the site Running Across My Mind, where he opens his soul to share words of encouragement and honest conversation about daily life. Chris first shared his talents with MMT readers with his guest review of the independent documentary HOLLYWOOD BEAUTY SALON.



  1. Hi,
    I listened and being a woman from the Deep South, the rhythm, the music took me back. The sway and the lyrics put so many southern singers on the charts. It also has gospel funk from the South and I find that fantastic. Only the N word disturbed me. I asked myself, was that necessary to use to what I consider as a fantastic hit.
    The refrain, Wave me, back, made me think of singers like Shirley Caesar and Dorothy Norwood or people in my own back home church choir who could get down singing improvisations or ad libs.

    Thank you so much for posting this. I live in Europe and this was one of the rare times where I didn’t get a GEMA block on my computer.


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