MMT Quick Review of ‘Ride Along’

Ride Along (photo:

Hey MMT Family!  Yeah, I know this should have been posted yesterday but it has been a long, long, LOOOONG week!  I pray your week has run smoother than mine, but all blessings be to God I am still here to write about it; so in the end, I am ALL GOOD!  How many of you checked out my Examiner piece from the “Ride Along” red carpet première here in Philly?  You saw I was able to show Kevin those old prom photos right?  See, for those of you who didn’t, you have to read those Examiner pieces, I put up some good stuff! 😉

Review wise, I’m going to keep this short and sweet.  Ride Along is HILARIOUS!  The chemistry between Ice Cube and Kevin Hart is spot on.  They make a great and awkward duo just like their characters suggest.  There are really cool cameos in the film including the guy from that popular “why you asking all them questions” vid Emmanuel Hudson, Angie Stone, Gary Owens, and Laurence Fishburne.  And it also has a great soundtrack to boot.  It is the perfect “let’s go for the laughs, have a fun date/guys/girls night out” movie.

I most enjoyed seeing Kevin have a feature-length vehicle that he carried, star power wise along with Ice Cube, and he did it very well in this film.  I am convinced “Ride Along” is going to make a ton of money this weekend, and I’m sure Universal Pictures will plan a sequel à la Rush Hour or Lethal Weapon.  It has the makings to last at least to a part three! 😉

And for those who are curious about those prom photos I showed Kevin, well I won’t share any with my relative’s face but I will share this one…

Kevin Hart Prom watermarked

Yeah, he made that face even back in high school! LOL 🙂

Alright family you know the drill.  Stop back, leave a thought or two and let me know what you think about the film.  What are your thoughts about a sequel?  Can’t wait to hear them!

Until next thought, Thomasena


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