Why are “good” shows airing so late on “African-American Networks”?

Music movie lovers please allow me to full-out vent this week, as I am greatly confused.  For years I’ve been an avid supporter of the missing and exploited children campaign and make it a point to send emails, spread by word of mouth, etc, when black children are missing, as we DO NOT get the same press attention as our white and hispanic counterparts. So I was excited when TV One announced they would air the new show Find Our Missing on Wednesday nights at…wait one minute because excitement quickly diminshed…10 PM!  What the heaven?  Why so late Cathy Hughes?  This a prominent cable network geared towards airing entertainment and NEWS relevant to the African-American community. We finally get a show that talks about our missing persons and many of us won’t watch, and a lot of that can be attributed to the time.  I understand that you don’t want to go up against let’s say CBS’s Criminal Minds series at 9pm, because that would be surefire show suicide.  But moving the series to let’s say 7pm, instead of those Living Single re-runs for one night, might make more sense in terms of viewership.

Next up, BET.  Why in all of God’s creation would you choose to air the UNCF An Evening Of Stars this Sunday January 29th at…wait for it….it’s really ridiculous…11pm!!!  What board room brainiac thought of this one?  I can remember being a child, watching the late Lou Rawls host this education telethon with family members for most of the day.  Narrowed by BET to a 2 hour pre-taped televised event of performances, I’m scratching my head trying to understand how an 11pm airtime, on a Sunday, would allow adequate viewership/ratings for this program.  Just in case you are up watching, scheduled performances will include Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Anthony Hamilton, Marsha Ambrosius, and Musiq Soulchild, and a powerhouse duet featuring Ledisi and Patti LaBelle.  For those who wish to view the telethon in its entirety, it will air on Saturday January 28th (check local listings for times).

Lastly, BET will air the BET Honors on Monday February 13th at 9pm.  A 9pm time by itself isn’t so bad, but since it is a two-hour show on the first work night of the week, I believe it displays a classic case of bad timing.  This show not only honors entertainers who have excelled in their respective crafts, but also celebrates African-Americans in other disciplines who’ve excelled and made extraordinary contributions such as 2012 honorees The Tuskegee Airmen.  Also being honored this year are Dr. Maya Angelou, Spike Lee, Beverly Kearney,  and one of my all time favorite singer/songwriters the incomparable Stevland Hardaway Judkins, aka Stevland Morris, also and more famously known as Stevie Wonder 😉  Performances will be given by Jill Scott (this Philly shero stays busy doesn’t she), Jennifer Hudson, Common, Kelly Rowland, Willow Smith, and living legends Aretha Franklin and Patti LaBelle.

Alright people thanks for letting me veer off the music/movie issue a little and get some stuff off my chest 🙂   I’m asking each of you to support the TV One show Find Our Missing and please visit the Black and Missing Foundation’s website (see link below) to see missing person profiles.  The vast majority of African-American missing persons have trouble getting local attention, let alone national press, so it is important to seek out and share this information with each other.  I dedicate the song link below to those reading this who have or know others that are waiting for loved ones to return.  Until next thought family, Thomasena.

Black and Missing Foundation website: http://www.blackandmissinginc.com/cdad/

You Are Not Alone, Michael Jackson (Epic, 1995 ): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ito5ELbyyxs


  1. Ms. Thomasena…what a powerful and passionate article. I learned many things with your update. With all the hustle of things to do I was unaware of the times/dates for our programs of celebration. I stayed up with a family member to watch TV One’s Missing and I must say I thought it was done in great taste. But…to your point we missed the first slot so we struggled and held our eyes open with tooth picks. We wanted to watch a follow up episode at 1:00 AM, but we just could not hang.

    So…until the next article, keep the good news coming!


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