MusicMoviesThoughts receives The Versatile Blogger Award

The Versatile Blogger Award

Music Movie Family how goes things?  I want to first take a moment to encourage anyone reading this, who lives in NY or LA near select theaters, to go see Fruitvale Station this weekend!  The film opens nationwide Friday July 26, and next Friday here in the Philly area, but is playing in select theaters in those states listed as of the 12th.  You can see which theaters are currently showing “Fruitvale Station” at, and check back here next week to read my interview with writer/director Ryan Coogler.

Now, on to some very surprising and cool news!  MusicMoviesThoughts was acknowledged by fellow writer Pat Garcia with a nomination and subsequent win for the Versatile Blogger Award!  Pat is a wonderfully insightful writer, and I take many inspirational tidbits from her site.  She also is a huge supporter of MMT and, as she currently resides in Germany, often leaves wonderful comments about music and film recommendations she has received from this site.  Make sure to check her out, and give her a follow, at

So the rules are, once you’re nominated, you must also nominate other great bloggers you follow and list 7 things about yourself.  As to the former, I nominate the following:

  1. Alex Catalano, and his beautiful wife Ahesha Catalano, who dole out great motivational info at
  2. LeAnne Lindsay with her wonderful film and food thoughts at
  3. Raani York who makes my life with her cat diaries and letters to celebrities at

As for 7 things about me…(crosses fingers, breathes and types):

  1. I have 2 male cats that I adore and call my “furry gangstas” (don’t judge me, LOL!)
  2. I routinely follow and sign petitions for The Innocence Project, Amnesty International, and
  3. My FAVORITE film of all time is Sparkle (1976) starring Irene Cara and Philip Michael Thomas
  4. I love to cook and entertain friends
  5. I love gardening
  6. I love Dance Central 2 on Xbox (I kill “The Breaks,” LOL!)
  7. I have Multiple Sclerosis and am an advocate and supporter of MS Awareness 

Alright Pat Garcia, I’ve disclosed enough so look for your pop quiz on Twitter ;).  Okay MMT family, remember to support “Fruitvale Station,” click on any of the charity links above for more information, and check out those freelance writer recommendations given.   Lastly, thanks to everyone for your continued support of this site.  And if your on Facebook, take a quick second and like the new MusicMoviesThoughts page!

Until next thought family, Thomasena

GIVEAWAY WINNERS ANNOUNCED – For “Sparkle” Wednesday, August 15th (Phila, PA)

And the winners are: Carla Wallace, Tanya Covington, Shlonda Jones, Tamara Holland, and Nakia Stokes!

For those who didn’t win, I pray you still go check out the movie opening weekend (August 17th -19th).  You can find out more about the film Sparkle and view the trailer at the official website (see link below).

Until next thought family, Thomasena

GIVEAWAY – Win Passes to Screen “Sparkle” Wednesday August 15th (Philly, PA).

GIVEAWAY – Win Passes to Screen “Sparkle” Wednesday August 15th (Philly, PA)

Photo 1

What’s new Music Movie Lovers!  I am very excited to announce that MusicMoviesThoughts has partnered with Allied-THA to offer you a chance to win a pair of passes to see Sony Pictures Sparkle starring Whitney Houston, Jordin Sparks, and Derek Luke.  The film also stars the very talented Mike Epps, and features Tika Sumpter, Carmen Ojogo, Omari Hardwick and Cee-Lo Green.  For a chance to win, make sure you’ve signed up to follow this blog (and look for the confirmation email to complete the sign up process).  You can increase your chances by also following me on Twitter @ledfarr.  I will randomly select and post names of winners on Friday, August 10th to receive passes to attend the Philadelphia (PA) screening on Wednesday August 15th.

I will post a review after the movie’s national release date (August 17th); but those who follow me know that the original 1976 version of Sparkle is my ALL TIME favorite movie, so you can check out my initial thoughts (from last October) about the remake at this link Sparkle Remake Ready To Start Production. You can also check out the official website for a synopsis and to view the new movie trailer at  Good luck family! 🙂

Until next thought, Thomasena

Sparkle Singing Challenge Comes to Philly, PA (Saturday, July 14th)

Hey Music Movie Lovers!

Are you anticipating the release of the Sparkle remake like me?  Do you live in the Philly, PA tri-state area and like to sing?  If you answered yes to both, or at least to the second question and are curious about the new Sparkle movie, read on below for a chance to win a spot on BET’s 106 & Park plus additional prizes.  And make sure to be on the lookout in August for a special movie screening opp!

Good luck and stop back by and leave a thought if you audition!

Until next thought, Thomasena

SPARKLE Singing Challenge

The SPARKLE Singing Challenge is a nationwide challenge and will be held in Philadelphia on Saturday, July 14th at the Cheltenham Mall.  Registration begins at 12pm and the competition begins at 2pm.  Entrants will receive the opportunity to sing a 60 second part from the songs “Celebration” or “Something He Can Feel,” from the late Whitney Houston’s upcoming film, SPARKLE.  Please click on attached flyer below to enlarge for more information.

Entrants will be competing for a $500 cash prize, along with a $25 BEBE gift card, and a chance to win the Grand Prize.  The Grand Prize winner will win a trip for 2 to New York City to professionally record a song with the Punch Monkeys producer & writing team, a Myspace homepage feature and a chance to appear on BET’s very own, 106 & Park! Head to for official contest rules and 60 second clips of both competition songs.   To pre-register, entrants can email

The official trailer for the film can be viewed here:

The Voice Silenced – Whitney Houston (1963 – 2012)

For weeks I have been making references to this year’s Grammy award show.  Never could I have imagined that many would be tuning in this evening to pay collective homage to one of the greatest singers of our time – the one, the only, THE VOICE, Ms. Whitney Houston, who passed away yesterday at age 48.  Like other people to whom I’ve spoken, I am still in shock from the news of her untimely passing.  I literally watched CNN for hours last night, trying to make sense of it all by listening to the video tributes, the breaking reports, and remarks from colleagues and friends.  But none of it helped to settle the unease I was feeling.

That unease, very much like if not equal to that which I’d felt when Michael Jackson passed, comes from losing yet another music legend I’ve adored since I was a child.  You see, there is a Whitney song I can reference for mostly every major period in my life.  And though I’ve never met, or even seen Whitney Houston live in concert, her music and voice are so comfortably familiar it is quite hard to imagine a life without her.  Even more disheartening, I was anxiously awaiting the première of the Sparkle remake,  which I anticipated to be a huge vehicle for her return to film; and if early reports of Whitney’s phenomenal performance are accurate it most certainly would have been.  And speaking of film, Terry McMillan can just stop the press as far as bringing Getting to Happy, the sequel to Waiting to Exhale, to the big screen.  I mean, how can we accept anyone else but Whitney Houston returning as Savannah?

Ken Erlich, Grammy’s executive producer, reported to CNN last night that Jennifer Hudson would be performing the tribute to Whitney Houston on tonight’s show.  Like many of her contemporaries, Jennifer cites Whitney as one of her biggest influences and I remember how excited she was when Whitney presented her with the Grammy back in 2009.  I’ve also read that Chaka Khan will be doing a tribute, but am not certain how accurate those reports are.  It would make sense that Chaka Khan would be allowed to do so, considering Whitney sang backup for her as a teen and paid tribute to Chaka at the end of her cover of I’m Every Woman.

I cannot even begin to touch all that Whitney Houston accomplished in this post and do it fair justice.  I really cannot believe that I am writing this about her at all.  My prayers and heartfelt condolences go out to the Houston family, especially to her daughter and mother.  I share the You Tube link below for Whitney’s My Love is Your Love video in which she boldly sings “if I should die this very day, don’t cry, ’cause on earth we wasn’t meant to stay. And no matter what the people say, I’ll be waiting for you after the Judgement Day.”  I will miss you Ms. Houston.  Rest in Peace.

Until next thought family, Thomasena.

My Love is Your Love (Whitney Houston, 1998 Arista):

Does Remake = Lack of Creativity?

So, since last post I’ve been thinking about how remake crazy our culture appears to be.  I’ve had this conversation with friends and other creative folks, and often I hear someone make the statement that “we’ve just run out of original ideas.”  Is it that simple an explanation?  And is it a bad thing to remake a movie or cover a song if you can add something relevant to, invigorate, or dare I say improve the original?  I would answer with a resounding NO and I would like to share some of my faves to support.  Since this is such a broad topic, I’ve decided to focus on music in the key of Motown, and share a few examples of what I think are perfect song covers (I’ll touch on movies in another post :)).

I will start with the Heavyweight of Soul himself, Mr. Luther Vandross.   Luther was a master at taking decades old songs, re-arranging them and turning them into instant classics.  Who can forget his version of the Temptations hit Since I Lost My Baby? Luther made the melancholy song sound so sweet, and sang it so beautifully, I forgot how sad the lyrics were.  On to the next Motown cover, have you ever heard Chaka Khan’s version of the J5’s Got To Be There?  Like Chaka’s voice it really is beyond accurate description, so just take a listen below and let me know what you think. Sidebar: speaking of Chaka Khan, did you see the film Standing in the Shadows of Motown and hear her cover of What’s Going On with the Funk Brothers?  Again, take a listen with the link below because it’s so (add your own word here) I won’t even try to describe.

I once heard Tony Bennett say that Stevie’s version of his song For Once In My Life was the best cover he’d ever heard.  I mean Stevie took an old slow tempo standard and revamped into a funky R&B hit complete with harmonica solo.  Another sidebar: Stevie also took a mid-tempo tune he’d written as a teen for the late Tammi Terrell, All I Do Is Think About You, and updated it as the upbeat All I Do (with Michael Jackson, Eddie Levert, Walter Williams and Betty Wright all contributing background vocals) on his Hotter Than July LP.  Yep, that’s right I said MJ. Take another listen you’ll catch it :).  See below for a link to the once rare Tammi Terrell version.

Lastly, I can’t mention Motown covers and not talk about Philly’s own Boyz II Men and their version of It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday.  Boyz II Men successfully took a very nostalgic song, and anyone who’s seen the movie Cooley High knows what I mean, and made it their own.  And talk about invigorating, with their a cappella remake the song peaked at #1 and #2 on the Billboard Hot R&B singles and Hot 100 charts respectively (compared to peaking at #38 on the Billboard Hot Soul Singles chart when originally released).

What are some of your fave remakes?  I know I stuck to a specific period and genre, but are there more recent covers that you consider classics? Share your comments and let’s discuss.  Until next thought, Thomasena.

Chaka Khan  Got To Be There (Chaka Khan, 1982 Warner Bros.):

The Funk Brothers featuring Chaka Khan What’s Going On (Standing in the Shadows of Motown, 2002 Artisan Entertainment) :

Tammi Terrell  All I Do Is Think About You  (A Cellarful of Motown, 2002 Motown):