AAFCA Roundtable with Anthony Anderson, Tracee Ellis Ross, Courtney Lilly, Nena Ross and Stacey Morris of BLACK*ISH

I find it unfortunate that several of my favorite shows are either premiering or currently airing their last season in 2022. This is Us is in the midst of its hindmost episodes on NBC. Queen Sugar is heading into its seventh and last season later this year on OWN. And lastly, one of the most prolific situation comedies of the past two decades, BLACK*ISH is winding down a successful eight season run.

Watching the experiences of the Johnson clan throughout the years, and the show’s keen ability to manage and deliver witty social commentary, was one of the highlights of my Tuesday nights.

So, I was ecstatic to sit down virtually with the AAFCA family to interview Courtney Lilly (Showrunner/Executive Producer), Anthony Anderson (Star/Executive Producer), Tracee Ellis Ross (Star/Producer), Nena Ross (Hair Department Head), and Stacey Morris (Hair Stylist) and discuss their experiences filming in front of camera and behind the set.

You can watch the video clip below of Ross and Anderson answering my question and subscribe to The AAFCA Channel on YouTube to see the full video premiere on April 18. And make sure you are subscribed to MusicMoviesThoughts TV while you are at it!

The final episode of Black*ish airs next Tuesday night, April 19, on ABC.

Until next thought, Thomasena

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