MMT Minute Thoughts and chat with director Ali LeRoi of AMERICAN REFUGEE

The new thriller AMERICAN REFUGEE doesn’t require much suspension of disbelief, when it comes to the premise, after living through this pandemic and some of its related circumstances – long periods of isolation, grocery and supply shortages, and unstable economies to name a few. But in true Blumhouse fashion, we of course get savagery, murder, gore and more in a story that appears it will offer big thrills, delivers some, but ends up a bit tame and unexceptional in its finale.

In the movie, Erika Alexander and Derek Luke star as a married couple raising their three children in the midst of an American economy collapse, that results in a militia state being imposed. When their home is invaded, the couple seeks shelter with their neighbors – an action that puts the family in greater jeopardy than they may have already been.

Sam Trammell (True Blood, The Fault in our Stars), Peyton Jackson (Nobody’s Fool), Zamani Wilder (Sacred Lies), Jessi Case (Mother’s Day), and Vince Mattis (Halloween) round out the main cast in a film that’s directed by writer/producer Ali LeRoi (Everybody Hates Chris, The Obituary of Tunde Johnson) and executive produced by Jason Blum, Chris McCumber and Jeremy Gold for Blumhouse, and Lisa Bruce.

There’s high tension, remarkable acting and an engaging story – but again the latter suffers for its mediocre ending, which does leave room for a sequel if the makers so choose (check out my chat with director Ali LeRoi below regarding).

I rate the film 3 out of 5 on the MMTrometer.

AMERICAN REFUGEE premiered Friday, December 10 on EPIX and is also available for digital purchase via Paramount Home Entertainment.

Until next thought, Thomasena

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