GIVEAWAY: DON’T BREATH 2 out on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-Ray and DVD on 10/26

Back in 2017, I traveled by plane to New Orleans to visit an old friend and kept my mind occupied by watching two films – which helped to soothe my angst and fear of flying! One of those films was 2016’s “Don’t Breathe,” which I must say was an unexpected pleasure and a really cool take on the horror-thriller genre.

Outside of keeping my mind occupied, the story and its protagonist – a blind, ex-navy seal whose home is being burglarized – were so well developed and thrilling that I wished I hadn’t missed the opportunity to watch the film in theaters.

So, I was curious this year when the sequel DON’T BREATHE 2 was released. We can blame the pandemic for my not even attempting to watch in theaters, however I can also thank the pandemic and my lucky stars that I didn’t waste my energy.

Although there’s plenty of action, and what could have been a nicely spun revenge setup, this second installment doesn’t even compare to the original – and I believe lacks everything that made the first so enjoyable.

But you know I believe there’s a film for everyone, and this one could very well fit the bill for many lovers of thriller/horror, especially those who come for the gore.

Here’s the film’s official synopsis: In the thrilling sequel to the breakout hit, DON’T BREATHE 2 reprises Norman Nordstrom (Stephen Lang), who has been hiding out for several years in an isolated cabin. He lives with a young girl and has recreated the family stolen from him by a drunk driver. Their quiet life together is shattered when a group of unseemly criminals kidnaps her and forces Norman to tap into even darker and more creative instincts in an effort to save her.

Sounds like a winner to you and want to put your name in the hat to win a copy on Blu-Ray/DVD? You must be an active email/newsletter subscriber and send an email to with the subject line “Breathe” and your full name in the body. One winner will be selected and notified on Thursday, October 28 with instructions for receipt.

DON’T BREATHE 2 was released on Digital on 10/12 and is available on 4K Ultra HD, BLU-RAY™ and DVD 10/26.

Good luck! Thomasena

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