GIVEAWAY: digital copies of OLD

What’s new MMT Fam? I wrote about OLD back in July when it premiered in the theaters and now MMT is giving away three Digital copies of the film, redeemable on Movies Anywhere or The digital copy also features deleted scenes, behind-the-scene featurettes and much more.

Here is my synopsis from earlier this year: Imagine wanting a vacation from life’s struggles and you find the perfect location to take a much-needed load off. It’s family friendly, has wonderful amenities, and it’s within your price range. You arrive to beautiful fanfare, perks and the friendly faces of the staff, and schedule a day tour on a secluded section of the island to start off your festivities.

Okay are you with me? Sounds beautiful and exotic right? Only, your host forgets to mention that this remote part of the “island” has an uncanny and unexplainable power that multiplies the aging process – with an ability to take a 6 yr. old boy to the age of 50 in just 24 hours, so you know what it will do to us Gen-Xers in a matter of a few hours, right?

For those who haven’t seen, interesting premise no? If it’s grabbed your attention and you want to put your name in the hat to win a digital copy, you must be subscribed via email/receive newsletter and send an email to with the subject line “OLD” and your full name in the body. Winners will be selected at random and notified by Thursday, October 14.

OLD is available now on Digital (on digital retailers like iTunes, Vudu, Amazon, etc.) and on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray™ and DVD on October 19.

Good Luck, Thomasena

What are your thoughts?

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