MMT Quick Review of VOICES by guest contributor Samantha Hollins

The heard and the unheard becomes a powerful vocalization of explainable and unexplainable circumstances in Vertical Entertainment’s VOICES. For this to be award-winning filmmaker Nathaniel Nuon’s feature directorial debut, it is a very refreshing mark on the horror film genre that is much needed. The screenplay, co-written with Daniel Hathcock, has a distinct voice emanating its own take on lost souls, which hasn’t been seen in this manner. 

I love when a horror film digs deeper than the gore and actually depicts the heart of the human experience. The roles of life, death, bringing forth life and coming to peace with death all play pivotal parts in this astonishing film.

Without giving away the storyline, it questions where souls come from, where they go and how our senses connect with them in the physical realm. It is the voice of reasoning that you definitely do not want to ignore.

Before the first scene even phased in, a voiceover uttered this profound statement: “There’s one thing that’s for sure, is that things often get worst before they get better”. To set the pace with this notion creates a centerpiece of some sort of traumatic plea. I knew at that moment that this was about to get really intriguing. 

Valerie Jane Parker gave an empowering sense of strength to her character Lilly (a therapist who became blind in her childhood). She understood all so delicately how to walk in Lilly’s shoes as if they were her own. I love how her loss of vision didn’t take Lilly’s sight. It just enhanced her ability to see beyond what’s seen on the surface. Every moment kept me engaged and anxious about how it would end. 

The soundscape, by David Stone Hamilton, has undertones of sentimental vibrations that can become the most eerie feeling you could ever hear. It complimented the scenery with a haunting beauty. 

I connected with a beautiful love story and powerful soul connections; interwoven with an intense unsettling presence. To be romanticized and horrified at the same time can definitely call for a good date night movie. This film had so many layers that even spirituality has an awakening with mystic courage (when under anguish).

Did you ever get the feeling that something is coming based on your internal instincts? Well imagine if you could hear that energy surrounding you and approaching your inner space. That’s exactly what I felt while goosebumps creeped up on my skin. The way the spirit world encounters the living world in “Voices” gave me chills waiting for what was to come. 

5 out of 5 on the MMTrometer.

Samantha Hollins, aka Ghetto SongBird, is a multi-talented Rock singer/songwriter, guitarist, poet/writer, photographer and all around creative soul who passionately enjoys sharing her positive artistic energy and harmonic vibes. You can follow her group The Culture Rock Griot on Facebook and get additional information at her site

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