AAFCA Roundtable Series: a chat with CENTRAL PARK and HAMILTON stars Daveed Diggs and Leslie Odom Jr.

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A couple of weeks back the AAFCA family had a chance to chat with two phenomenal talents – Tony and Grammy award-winner Leslie Odom, Jr. (Harriet, Murder on the Orient Expess) and Tony, Grammy and Lucille Lortell award-winner Daveed Diggs (Blindspotting, Snowpiercer). Not only are they starring in the hilarious, new animated series CENTRAL PARK, now streaming on Apple TV, but they are both original members of the juggernaut Broadway show HAMILTON, released last Friday in a filmed stage version on Disney Plus.

You can check out a snippet of the interview below, featuring their responses to yours truly, and check out the full video – where they discuss “Central Park,” working in the industry, upcoming projects and more – on The AAFCA Channel on YouTube. And while you’re there, subscribe to MusicMoviesThoughts TV if you haven’t already!

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