MMT Minute Thoughts on REALITY QUEEN now streaming (various apps)

I checked out a screener this weekend for the new film REALITY QUEEN starring Julia Faye West as a fictional pseudo-diva named London Logo – who is self-absorbed (she sleeps with pillows adorned with her image), callous (she’s dismissive of fans based on looks), shallow (she vomits at the thought of wearing clothing twice) and clueless (she purchases a “microdog” from Nigerians for $50,000). After building her entire career off a “leaked” sex tape, London becomes a wildly popular actress whose exploits are highlighted in a mockumentary during the film.

When her limelight begins to diminish because of nemesis Kristi Kim – a fellow reality star with a large posterior who shares a series with her sisters (sound familiar?) – London resorts to desperate antics to remain relevant and keep her shine. However, she isolates everyone around her in doing so and experiences a few hard truths in the process.

With some pretty decent casting choices – Denise Richards plays London’s best friend Angelina Streisand, a standout parody of Angelina Jolie – and cameos featuring the late John Witherspoon and famed boxer “Iron” Mike Tyson, the film is actually better than I expected and resulted in several hard chuckles on my part.

My only wish is that the funny moments were more numerous – but humor, like beauty, is definitely person specific and isn’t a reason to cancel out the enjoyment I did have with the film.

Albeit campy and slapstick, “Reality Queen” is a humorous respite for those who enjoy the aforementioned and are seeking an alternative from viewing something bland. I would rate it 3 out of 5 on the MMTrometer.

Until next thought, Thomasena

Reality Queen! is available now on the following streaming platforms: YouTube, Amazon Prime, Google Play Movies & TV, and Vudu.


Denise Richards, Mike Tyson and the late John Witherspoon star in REALITY QUEEN (see the trailer).

In the tradition of Best in Show and A Mighty Wind, and inspired by today’s obsession with reality TV and social media stars, writer-director Steven Jay Bernheim’s clever mockumentary fixes on a Paris Hilton-esque heiress named “London” (newcomer Julia Faye West) who is struggling to regain fame after being pushed out of the limelight by three Kardashian-type sisters named “The Kims.” London’s life is a self-indulgent maelstrom of product endorsements, talent managers, pet psychics, private jets, fashion shows, yachts, and a celebrity posse. Despite her wackiness, she ultimately makes it back to the top of the heap. This parody of America’s infatuation with fame raises the question: are these celebs-for-no-reason marketing geniuses, or are they just the accidental beneficiaries of the American public’s stupidity?


What are your thoughts?

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