VIDEO: watch the hit film TALITA at the official website

Happy Tuesday MMT Fam! Our friends at Cranky Pants Productions are offering you the opportunity to watch the newly released TALITA, winner of 10 consecutive film festival awards, online for free – with a pay what you want donation requested at the end of viewing.

Here’s the synopsis: after a failed attempt to reconnect on a European vacation, a Los Angeles couple, Talita & Dan, find themselves out-of-sorts at a busy airport. Their palpable strain is only made worse when a random Danish vagabond, asks for a ride. Despite Talita’s protests, Dan is captivated by the young traveler and invites him home. Much to their surprise, an unlikely friendship unfolds. Based on the true story of the director and writer, discover how unexpected moments change hearts and lives.

Billed as a soul-awakening experience, the semi-autobiographical drama, by first-time feature film director Elena Beuca, showcases how God illuminates our lives through unexpected moments – and with unexpected people. Talita has been released on the “donation model,” so based off of viewers’ experiences they can donate and help share the film with others worldwide.

Click here or go to to watch the film, enjoy and stop back to let me know your thoughts!


PS – I donated $10 to support the cause but haven’t yet viewed, it’s in my queue. But, anything that spreads a positive message and can be accessed by people for free brings me joy! So truly, I’m looking forward to hearing back after you watch. 😉


What are your thoughts?

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