MMT Minute Thoughts: BRIGHTBURN

Happy Tuesday MMT Fam! So I am quite behind on a couple of reviews – and was really going back and forth about reviewing BRIGHTBURN. But, I did want to share a few thoughts, albeit quickly hence the new post heading “minute thoughts!” So here goes…

The premise of an inverse Superman story – with the young superhero being an anti-hero, or rather a super horror, really is intriguing. The problem with this film, however, is where it should have flowed quickly it was drawn out and conversely moved too fast when it shouldn’t have.

By the time you got to the real heart of it, or the animosity depending how you look at it, it was almost ending.

It was also hard to root in any measure for said anti-hero when more time wasn’t spent on the reasons he became “evil” in the first place.

Or, maybe I just wasn’t ready for mean Superman as much as I believed I was? Naw, the story really was slow-paced in too many areas and not well developed.

That being said, it appears the film set up the possibilities for a sequel or two, and a whole anti-hero universe, so maybe we’ll get a better story the next time around.

MMTrometer score – 2 out of 5 beats

Until the next thought (or minute thought), Thomasena


Genre: Superhero Horror

Release Date: May 24, 2019

Rated R for horror violence/bloody images and language

Runtime: 91 minutes

Studio: Screen Gems

Directed by:                         David Yarovesky

Written by:                           Brian Gunn & Mark Gunn


Elizabeth Banks

David Denman

Jackson A. Dunn

Matt Jones

Meredith Hagner



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