MMT September 2017 Netflix Picks

Happy Saturday MMT Fam! This Fall equinox has brought with it some pleasant, cooler weather – the perfect time for a stay in movie weekend! I wanted to share a few of my Netflix choices from the month, and of course I want you to share some thoughts if you’ve seen or when you watch them – and if it’s the latter, it’s the perfect “Netflix and Chill (literally)” season … if you add anything to that chill part, it’s on you not me! 😉

First up is the Netflix original film WHAT HAPPENED TO MONDAY, starring Noomi Rapace, Glenn Close and Willem Dafoe. Rapace in the lead takes on the task of playing “seven” identical sisters, born in a dystopian era where the government has mandated that each family is allowed to have only “one” child – a rule that is monitored by the infamous Child Allocation Bureau (CAB).

Hidden by a rebellious grandfather (Dafoe) after their mother dies during childbirth, the sisters are raised and taught to survive using one sole identity, Karen Settman, while leaving their home on each one’s specified day – which corresponds to their names (Sunday through Saturday, respectively). When Monday goes missing, the remaining sisters fight to keep the truth hidden, avoid capture by CAB and its villanous head (Close), while simultaneously finding out what happened to their sister.

This movie had some campy parts, but at best it is an action-packed futuristic tale filled with “woman” power. Rapace was phenomenal at the task of portraying seven different people/personalities, and Dafoe and Close brought the heavyweight star power to the flick.

For a sci-fi story, there were a couple of plot holes that I thought could have been tighter, especially at the resolution, but the movie was enjoyable and entertaining to view nonetheless.

My second pick from September is the critical hit THE FOUNDER starring Michael Keaton as the late Ray Kroc – a travelling salesman who comes across brothers Mac and Dick McDonald – the originators of the McDonald’s brand – in 1950’s California, becomes enamored with their business setup, and positions himself to take the business away – subsequently creating a billion dollar franchise empire.

To say this story is fascinating, and disheartening, is an understatement. And Keaton is at peak performance, simultaneously making you both captivated by and despise Kroc throughout the entire film.

Written by Robert D. Siegel (The Wrestler) and directed by John Lee Hancock (Saving Mr. Banks), the movie also stars Nick Offerman (Dick McDonald), John Carroll Lynch (Mac McDonald), and Laura Dern as Kroc’s first wife Ethel.

If you haven’t seen this movie, it is truly a must see – and, if you eat at McDonald’s, it might make you question ever stopping by those “golden arches” again.

Okay, since I chose two serious ones, my final pick is really goofy but funny – if you like college boy humor – the original Netflix film NAKED starring Marlon Wayans.

The premise: immature guy (Rob) is heading out-of-town to marry his dream woman (Megan), but faces several obstacles including a reluctant soon to be father-in-law (Dennis Haysbert), a very accomplished ex-boyfriend of his fiancée (Scott Foley), and the unfortunate fact that he keeps waking up naked in an elevator and having to repeat parts of his wedding day before saying his I dos!

Comedy ensues, and led by Wayans and the extremely talented and funny Regina Hall (Girls Trip), the film boasts plenty of sophomoric laughs, and a cameo by singer/songwriter Brian McKnight, while Rob attempts to stop the insanity, change the course of his day, and get married.

Alright family, those are my picks for the month. Let me know what you think, and feel free to leave some recommendations for the coming months – there’s a huge selection on the streaming service and a chance that I haven’t seen them!

Until next thought, Thomasena

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