Happy Saturday MMT Fam!  This latest giveaway is perfect for those thriller/lost footage/suspense lovers in the group. We’ve obtained a copy of Cinelou Films’ PHOENIX FORGOTTEN, recently released on Blu-ray and DVD and now streaming online digitally, courtesy of our friends at 20th Century Fox.

Inspired by the 1997 “Phoenix Lights” incident – a mass UFO sighting that actor Kurt Russell states he also witnessed first hand – and produced by the legendary Ridley Scott, “Phoenix Forgotten” follows Sophie Bishop into the Arizona desert to investigate what happened to her missing brother Josh, who disappeared along with two other teens decades prior during the aforementioned event.

Suspecting a cover-up by the government and local authorities, Sophie isn’t prepared for the lost footage she recovers and the shocking truth that she uncovers.

The combo pack includes special features – Sophie’s Story and Phoenix Found – and audio commentary with director Justin Barber and actors Florence Hartigan, Chelsea Lopez, and Justin Matthews.

To enter the contest, you must be subscribed to this site and send an email to with the subject line “Lights” and your full name and address in the body. And remember, if you follow MMT on Facebook you can increase your chances of being selected! One winner will be chosen and notified by Friday, August 11.

PHOENIX FORGOTTEN is streaming everywhere with Digital HD – including Amazon and iTunes. You can watch the trailer below and get additional information at the official Facebook page here.

Good Luck!

What are your thoughts?

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