MMT QUICK LOOK: ‘TIL DEATH DO US PART opening September 29

1991’s “Sleeping With The Enemy” may not have been a critical hit, but it sure was popular with audiences – and this viewer thought it was a fun ride! Enter the upcoming film ‘TIL DEATH DO US PART, which sounds like a 2017 update, starring Taye Diggs, Stephen Bishop and Annie Ilonzeh (All Eyez On Me). The trailer shows the same formula as Enemy – pretty woman marries charmer, charmer is really crazy abusive, pretty woman escapes to new town to start new life, crazy charmer tracks her down and the fight is on!

Check out the below synopsis and trailer and let me know your thoughts MMT Fam!

“‘Til Death Do Us Part” opens in theaters nationwide September 29. Get additional info at the official website here.

Until Next Thought, Thomasena



Director: Christopher B. Stokes

Writer: Christopher B. Stokes with Screenplay by Marques Houston

Cast: Taye Diggs (“Empire”), Annie Ilonzeh (All Eyez On Me, “Empire”), Stephen Bishop (“Imposters”), Malik Yoba (“Designated Survivor”) and Robinne Lee (50 Shades Darker)

Producers: Marques Houston, Jerome Jones, Jarell Houston, Shondrella Avery, Taye Diggs

Executive Producers: Rob Johnson, Patrick Johnson Sr., Patrick Johnson, Jr., Christopher B. Stokes


Michael & Madison Roland, had planned to spend the rest of their lives together, until one day Michael’s controlling ways turned their perfect marriage, into an abusive rollercoaster no woman could survive. With the help of her best friend, Madison decides to get away. After adopting a new identity, she meets Alex Stone and learns to love again. All is well, until Michael discovers Madison’s whereabouts, and recreates the nightmare she once lived all over again.

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  1. I just wonder if they have any other things to make movies about. This topic is so old and played out. I mean I enjoy watching Mr. Diggs however I do not know if I want to see him playing a crazy role as this or if he can pull it off.

    I think movies like this give the weak minded people ideas to try out in real life. I am tired of reading about friends family or friends of friends being killed by an ex or a jealous lover.

    And I love me some Sleeping with the Enemy, but then we just had the Perfect Guy with M Ealy and S Lathan which I do not think compared to the former.


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