MMT Recommends: Eric Roberson’s ‘The Product & The Process’

The Product & The Process

Hey MMT Fam! As of today, you can pre-order friend to the site Eric Roberson’s latest EP trilogy entitled Earth, Wind, and Fire – now, y’all know I’m already excited based on the name (EWF fan for life)! And not only is Eric letting us receive each project before it’s release date, but we will be able to witness the trilogy’s creative process as it happens!

According to Eric, every demo, every song, every idea directed towards this trilogy will be shown and shared, because it’s his desire that we be a part of the process. The Earth EP is due April 22nd and the Wind EP and Fire EP are due in July and October respectively.

You can watch Eric explain it more in the video below, and click here to pre-order and be a part of the movement.



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