MMT supports a higher ‘purpose’ – the humane treatment of animals

A Dog's Purpose (boycott)

Hey MMT Fam. This site previously hosted a giveaway for the film “A Dog’s Purpose,” which was released today in theaters. Unfortunately since the giveaway post, video of alleged mistreatment of a German shepherd on set was released by TMZ, and there have been various explanations from those involved in the project, and concerns expressed throughout the media by many (some involved in film) – including a call for a boycott by PETA. I won’t recap any of them here, so please click the hyperlinks to form your own opinion of what happened.

What I will say is, anyone who knows anything about me knows of my love for animals. I even indicated in that giveaway post that I’d recently loss a pet – my oldest and “first” animal ever, my beloved buddy Solomon – and wasn’t sure if I would be able to handle watching the movie so soon after his death. That stated, I am not supporting the film based on what I viewed – and the fact that PETA had already filed a federal complaint about the animal training company used, Birds & Animals Unlimited, back in December.

In lieu of viewing the film, if you plan to boycott, please consider one of the following:

  1. Donate to, or volunteer at, a no-kill animal shelter or rescue. Many of these groups run on meager budgets in their attempts to find “forever” homes or foster homes for animals, as opposed to euthanizing them.
  2. Looking for a furry family member? Consider adopting from one of the above! There are some really cute animals just waiting to fill your home with love.

And even if you plan on seeing the film, why not consider the above as well? If you live in the Philly area, here are a few websites/recommendations to check out:

  1. Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)
  2. Citizens for a No-Kill Philadelphia
  3. The Philly Kitty
  4. Morris Animal Refuge

For those outside the Philly area, and for additional options/groups, you can find national and worldwide directories at The nokill Network’s website here.

Until next thought family, Thomasena



  1. Thank you for the information as a recent ’empty nester’ a cat would be a nice addition to the family. I’ll keep you posted and share a picture when I pick up a bundle of joy!

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  2. Well as promised the hubby and I went to ACCT Philly today and picked up our newest addition to the family, Miss Jodi. She’s a cat about six months old and very shy, as she was one of several cats rescued from a hoarding environment. When she stops hiding I’ll take her picture.


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