MMT May 2016 Netflix Picks

Happy Sunday MMT Fam! I am composing this month’s Netflix Picks list with next week’s Memorial Day weekend in mind. One of the lucky ones that will have a three or four-day weekend to look forward and planning to catch up on some movies? Or looking for something interesting not yet listed in that queue? Well, here are my current recommendations:

  1. IP MAN (2008) – I am so surprised each time I speak with someone who professes to be an action/adventure film lover but has never seen the first IP MAN! Arguably one of the best martial arts films in recent times, this Donnie Yen starring vehicle is based on real-life martial arts grandmaster Yip Man – who is also famously known Bruce Lee’s mentor. Since a clip of IP MAN 3 went viral earlier this year (featuring a fight between Donnie Yen and boxing legend “Iron” Mike Tyson), I’ve recommended several people find this gem of a film currently streaming on Netflix, in addition to IP MAN 2 and IP MAN: THE FINAL FIGHT – which aren’t as extraordinary as IP MAN, but if you’re an action lover you will definitely be satisfied with the fight scenes.
  2. CARMEN JONES (1954) – Okay, here’s another film that you absolutely must watch if you’ve never seen it and call yourself a movie buff! Not only was this the film that late legend Dorothy Dandridge became the first African-American nominated for the Best Actress Academy award, but it has an all-star cast of legends – including Harry Belafonte and the late Pearl Bailey. Adapted from Bizet’s opera Carmen, the musical tells the story of a soldier (Belafonte) who falls for a seductive factory worker (Dandridge as Carmen). Tragedy proceeds as Carmen’s taunting faithlessness leads the soldier to a crime of passion. Some of you may remember that fias…ahem, that hip-hop remake featuring Beyoncé (Carmen: A Hip Hopera) several years ago; however if you’ve never seen the original, don’t let that update be your sole memory of this musical. And if you can find it on streaming services (if you have cable, try HBO since it was one of its presentations), look for Introducing Dorothy Dandridge starring Halle Berry – who also executive produced the project, which she put her entire bowed-leg in! Both she and the film were phenomenal – and she won an Emmy, Golden Globe, SAG, and NAACP Image award for her outstanding performance in the lead role.
  3. HUSH (2016) – so this is a horror/thriller that I added to my Netflix queue with hopes that my sister, on her next Philly visit, would watch with me.  We were a horror film watching tag-team when we were younger – the original Halloween is still one of our faves. But alas, I no longer watch the extra spooky stuff – demon, ghoul (i.e. Paranormal Activity…some of you may remember me sharing this in my chat with Blumhouse founder Jason Blum) – and she can’t handle ANY of it! Understand, she is a fifth-degree black-belted martial artist – yep, I’m putting her on the spot and Front Street – yet, she will not have any parts of this slasher film with me! 🙂  Hush chronicles a deaf writer, who lives in total seclusion and finds herself stalked by a psychotic killer. Think she’s easy prey…a mark? Watch the film, and think again! I’ll leave it there, but note that the movie currently has a 100% fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes, and 76% audience approval. If you’re into thrillers, and/or suspense with scare, this one is for you. And if it’s not necessarily your cup of tea but you’re going to have company who’s game and that extra holiday day to recuperate, it just might be a good pick!

Alright family, those are my picks this month. Seen the films listed, but have a few suggestions of your own or have a few thoughts about those shared? Leave a thought or two in the comments section, I’d love to read them!

Until next thought, Thomasena

PS – don’t watch the last recommendation if the video below resembles you while watching suspense flicks!



  1. Since the cat watching horror film video definitely resembles me, I know I won’t be watching Hush. If the psychotic killer in Hush is anything like Michael Myers, I’ll need more than my 5th degree black belt 🙂 Busta Rhymes tried to use martial arts on Michael Myers in Halloween Resurrection.

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