Epic battle of DC proportions: Batman vs. Superman primer by Darryl King

Batman vs Superman (Warner Bros.)

Are you ready for Batman to meet Superman? To subsequently fight and then form lasting consequences that will ultimately create the DCU movie universe? For years many have wished and wondered what such a union would look like ever since Christopher Reeves (Superman) and Michael Keaton (Batman) first donned these epic characters in movies. There has been many an alliteration of these forces in comics, but finally we get to see it upon the silver screen. So to get you ready, here are a few things you should know before you get your popcorn:
  1. This movie is loosely based upon the Frank Miller’s graphic novel the “Dark Knight Returns” which focuses upon a retired Bruce Wayne who is forced to come out of retirement to defeat new street foes in Gotham. The legend of his methods not being lost on the government, sends their defender… “Superman” to tell Batman to stay in retirement because his methods are beyond justice. Bruce Wayne/Batman refuses to stop his comeback and tells Superman that if you get in his way he will suffer his wrath of the “Bat”. Thus the line is drawn between the two, the battle… begun. The movie “Batman v Superman” will tend to develop similar motivations for their disagreements.
  2. The “Man of Steel” movie –  having seen this movie prior to will enhance your understanding and experience of “Batman v Superman.” The rift between these 2 starts with the aftermath of that movie and even though it’s not necessary, it will be beneficial to believing the reasoning of Bruce Wayne/Batman and the frustrations of Clark Kent/Superman.
  3. Can Batman beat Superman? – For the comic book novice, many would believe that Superman is immortal and Batman is just human so how can he beat him? But for those who know Superman know that he has 4 weaknesses: 1) His power comes from our yellow sun but he is just mortal if exposed to his sun (red), which makes it a fair fight and with that type of sun Superman can be killed. 2) Superman is powerless against magic. If used Superman becomes unable to use his powers 3) Lead… is the only substance that Superman can’t use his x-ray vision upon which makes it the mostly like candidate to hide the only substance in the universe that can weaken him… 4) Kryptonite – which are radioactive fragments from Superman’s home planet of Krypton. When he is near it, it makes him totally weak and vulnerable… the movie will lean on Kryptonite to balance the scales.
  4. The Amazonian Princess debuts! – finally after all these years…Wonder Woman, not since the tv show starring Linda Carter, appears and makes her initial impression upon the superhero movie genre. The most popular and famous female heroine of all-time is ready to showcase her power, as strong as Superman and cunning,  and as creative as Batman to take up her lasso and make you tell the truth! Diana Prince (the alter ego name for Wonder Woman)… this Amazonian princess completes the biggest trinity of comic book lore.
  5. The Villains – from the trailer we have seen 2, Lex Luthor and Doomsday. Many already know Lex Luthor from previous Superman films but Doomsday is a monster created from the same elements that constitute Superman, making him a formidable foe. But the trailer also hints at another, bigger bad that will require more power than what Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman can offer.
  6. Dawn of Justice – Before there was ever an “Avengers” there was the “Justice League”, a group of Super Powered individuals who took up the mantle to protect Earth, and then the Universe. This film will give us the birth of the “Justice League” on screen and the genesis of the DCU movie universe as well. So look out for other major super heroes besides Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.

The “Bat of Gotham vs the Son of Krypton…the greatest gladiator match in the history of the world” decrees Lex Luthor in the trailer of “Batman v Superman,” and many like myself can’t wait for the lights to go down and the film reel to start. And in a year where so many heroes will be pitted against one another, none has more riding upon it and has more history to it than Batman v Superman.

Darryl King (photo courtesy of Darryl King)

Darryl King is a video director, film writer and avid Marvel/DC comic book/movie lover. Check out his reviews of DEADPOOL, Zoolander 2Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and his primer guide to Star Wars: The Force Awakens right here on MMT.



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