The Perfect Guy (photo: Screen Gems)

Well MMT Fam, I was very eager to see the new movie THE PERFECT GUY, and knew I had a busy weekend scheduled, so I went to see it immediately after work today. I thought I’d beat the noisy evening crowd by going to the 5:15 showing, but there still were a few noisemakers present – who insisted on doing their own narration of the film while it was playing. And although the noisemakers were a bit intrusive, they added some excitement with the comedic parts of their commentary to an otherwise good, albeit clichéd, story – with a much hyped “twist” that didn’t pack as much of a punch as I expected.

Okay, so here’s the synopsis without any spoilers: Leah (Sanaa Lathan) breaks-up with her boyfriend of several years Dave (Morris Chestnut) and meets an IT tech named Carter (Michael Ealy) – with whom she, rather eagerly, starts a relationship. From the trailers (see below) the audience knows that things seem perfect until Carter displays a violent side – that rightfully scares Leah and she calls it quits. Unfortunately for her, Carter does – and will – not accept that no means no and proceeds to make Leah’s life a living hell on earth.

Alright, here are my pluses for the film:

  • Impeccable acting. But with those leads, would you expect anything less? Oh, and Sanaa Lathan is BOSS.
  • Michael Ealy was creepy good – but us “The Following” fans already knew this. By the way Following fans, IT Tech was Theo’s area of expertise, right?
  • Kathyrn Morris as one of Leah’s best friends – because I am still a “Cold Case” junkie even in syndication
  • Whoever did the wardrobe, especially for Leah’s character, gave me life!
  • I did mention that I thought it was a good story, right?

But the last plus leads to the only, but big, minus for me – the film really didn’t stray from the norm, thriller wise, and I expected way more with the “twist” that Screen Gems heavily marketed. Even though I enjoyed the story, I was very invested thinking the film was moving towards something that was going to shock – but for me that didn’t happen.

I’m pretty sure the target audience will show up and for the most part enjoy “The Perfect Guy” – but unfortunately many critics will find fault similar to the 2014 Screen Gems release “No Good Deed.” My recommendation is see the film, enjoy the story, but don’t expect it to stray too far from the familiar.

Alright family, you know the deal. Would love to hear your thoughts on the film once you see it!

Until next thought, Thomasena


  1. I saw it tonight with two married “been their done that” sista friends and we loved it. We too had to endure three wild sisters drinking their liquor no less, talking loud that someone had to ask them to be quiet, and I joked with them that they need to just get up and go “to the club”…The movie was predictable as Fatal Attraction and all the ID stories I watch…However, beyond that It is a serious warning for young ladies who fall for those “Ealy eyes” and animal magnetism too fast and furious. I’ve dug Michael since his Teacake days and he did a good job of the “mad dog” once again! Sanaa was fierce, sexy and smart….just like her daddy, who I turned down to date when he first came to Hollywood to direct Sanford & Son…(I was in love with another…dag)…her character and proved to be in total control. It also gives a serious heads up to how to back down, regroup and let him go…the FIRST sign of a brother wildin’ out on ya. In these days of booty calls and “doin’ me”…the film is a serious wake up call. On the way home we all went into therapy mode and vented on the men who went off on us in the past…and who have never dared to do it again.

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