MMT Quick Review of ‘Max’

Max (Warner Bros.)

Happy Saturday MMT Family! So for those of you in the Philly area who didn’t take the opportunity to grab those screening passes to MAX you missed out! Now I’ll admit that I initially had two major reservations about the film: 1) I am a self-described “cry baby” & animal lover/owner, and was scared of watching a film where the furry protagonist possibly gets harmed or even worse dies and 2) I typically don’t do the patriot war audience films.  And MAX will certainly have a core audience with the aforementioned; however it really was a well put together family movie – that is geared to a broader audience than I expected, and is safe for the school-age kiddies and up.

The PG-rated film tells the story of the title character, a marine-trained Belgian Malinois, who suffers trauma from the devastating loss of his trainer/handler (not a spoiler it’s in the trailer!). He subsequently is sent to live with the deceased Marine’s family – after he becomes attached to his younger brother Justin, played by Josh Wiggins. Justin is hesitant to interact with the dog at first, but they eventually form a bond and Justin discovers that Max may know more about the circumstances surrounding his brother’s death than was explained. The movie follows Justin in his quest to find out the truth and help Max, who teaches him a thing or two, in the process.

Max is definitely going to draw those who are seeking family oriented and family values fare; however those who love action will certainly be entertained and impressed with the animal stunts and chase scenes. There’s also a kidnapping or two thrown in for good measure, if that’s more your speed! 🙂 And if you’re a cry-baby like me, have your tissues ready at the funeral scene near beginning and when Justin’s character watches a DVD given to him by Max’s original trainer.  Those who are observant will notice what I’m NOT (officially) saying about the remainder of the film.

One thing that was surprising to me was the politically correct humor in the film. The story pretty much takes place in a small town, you know the kind with the center-of-town parade, and there weren’t many people of color – no surprise there. But there was a great check-mate humor moment aimed at Justin’s father (played by the outstanding Thomas Haden Church) by his Mexican-American friend Chuy (played by Dejon LaQuake).

Overall, I enjoyed the movie and appreciate the attention it will bring to post-traumatic stress in military animals awareness. I’ve added the trailer to MAX below and you can get additional film and ticket information at the official website here.

Until next thought family, Thomasena



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