MMT Quick Review of ‘HOME’

Home (photo: DreamWorks)

Happy Friday MMT Family! I had the opportunity to screen the new DreamWorks film HOME earlier this week. The film tells the story of Oh (Jim Parsons), who goes on the run after his alien kind, the Boov, invades Earth and finds an unlikely companion in Tip (Rihanna) – who was separated from her mother during the invasion. The story follows the two on their quest to get Oh back in the good graces of the Boov and locate Tip’s mother – Lucy who is voiced by Jennifer Lopez

HOME has a great balance of little, kid and big humor. And by big, I don’t mean the borderline suspect humor like some of its predecessors where I questioned who the film was really for – the kids or the adults. There are some potty jokes in the film, but that’s as “much” as it gets.   The movie displays solid lessons on love, friendship, acceptance, and courage – that are also balanced for the youngest movie goers.

I believe Jim Parsons was the perfect pick for Oh. He has just the personality to voice the silly/sensitive/serious lines and have you rooting for his character the entire time.  And I think it goes without saying that Steve Martin, as Boov leader Captain Smek, was hilarious! His special kind of funny comes across even with voice animation.

I also thought Rihanna was a great choice to voice the Tip character. She brought a feisty and fun energy to the role. And as a proud “cat mommy,” I enjoyed Tip’s bond and feline love for the third most prominent character – Tip’s cat Pig.

So, remember my youngest “bestie” Jayla from the Annie screening? She’s sort of become my “unofficial” litmus test with these kid films! 🙂   So how’d she fair?  Well, she’s a two-year-old and needed one bathroom break, but watched the movie very intently and followed along well. She even laughed at a couple of jokes I thought she wouldn’t get, but they were Steve Martin silly so no reason we wouldn’t both chuckle!

HOME opened today in theaters nationwide. You can watch the trailer below, and get additional info about the movie at the official website here.

Be sure to stop back and share a thought or two after you see the film!

Until next thought, Thomasena


  1. Agreed. I think it may have gotten through to them to write it at a small child’s conversation level, their subject and interest level, their joke level, and grammar level. Although this IS Disney & they’d be the first to do so – it’s nice to see.

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