Thomasena sings her 40th tune with a DVD giveaway!

Thomasena child pic 1

Pssst!  While she’s focused on other things, MMT staffers are taking over the site to let you guys know that Thomasena is celebrating her 40th birthday this Wednesday, August 28!  She’s busy planning a karaoke celebration and enjoying her vacation, but has posted a birthday giveaway on the new MMT Facebook page in honor of one of her fave artists, the late Michael Jackson, whose birthday is August 29.  One lucky MMT subscriber will win Michael Jackson’s “This is It” DVD by sending an email with the subject line “Happy Birthday” to  The winner will be selected this Thursday.

Alright we’ve spilled enough beans, so we’re out.  By the way, here’s one more “oldie but goody” photo that we’re just dying to share, LOL!

Thomasena child pic 2

We’re sure Thomasena will share a thought when she’s back from vacation, which may or may not work in our favor, but in the meantime you can help us curry favor by wishing her a happy birthday!

Until next takeover, the MMT staffers 🙂


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